Kolkata: Several Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers have returned to their native places, but are afraid to speak about the atrocities they had witnessed during the post-poll violence. The violence has caused extensive damage to livestock and several houses were ransacked.

“We were outside when TMC goons ransacked our houses. There has been extensive damage to the livestock. We have now returned and somehow managing to survive. The police have helped us a lot. The situation is slightly under control now,” the wife of a BJP worker from Habra constituency told The Sunday Guardian on the condition of anonymity. Similar instances were also witnessed in the vicinity. “Our houses were looted. We fled, but have now returned homes. We still feel threatened,” Rabiyul Mondal, a BJP worker in Habra constituency, told this newspaper.

“Some of the TMC goons in our area threatened us, so we ran away. Most of the belongings in our kitchen have been stolen and the hand pump outside our house is broken. We returned homes, probably 11-12 days back. Some of our family members had returned earlier. We were in touch with them and as soon as we felt it was safe to return, we came back. Currently, the situation is slightly under control,” said the mother of a BJP worker, who didn’t want to reveal her identity. Her son used to actively participate in several BJP meetings, but is now desperately looking for a job. Many BJP karyakartas (workers) in West Bengal are still homeless and reluctant to come back to their native places. A BJP worker from Habra constituency, who wants to remain anonymous, spoke about the brutality he witnessed. He is not planning to return home. He claimed that several BJP workers are currently being targeted by TMC goons. He has been associated with BJP for a long time. Currently, he and his family members are under threat.

“Our house is made up of bricks; they (TMC hooligans) broke into our houses and looted all our belongings. They took everything from our kitchen, including gas cylinders and oven.” Attrul Mondal, a BJP worker, said.  Sources close to the BJP claimed that BJP workers in several areas were denied free ration. Many women are choosing not to raise their voices. The provision of food and shelter is being arranged by the West Bengal BJP.

“We are providing food, shelter to the victims. Some victims are afraid of complaining against those who have compelled them to leave their houses. Several BJP workers are being beaten up by TMC goons. Their houses are being vandalized, looted and several of them are injured. They are now being shifted to hospitals. The local administration is not taking much action and the culprits are roaming freely,” Dr Jayanta Kumar Roy, Member of Parliament, Jalpaiguri constituency, BJP, told this newspaper.

BJP is also trying to contact district administrators to help the victims. Shamik Bhattacharya, a BJP spokesperson, said: “We are providing financial support to the victims. We are also trying to get in touch with local administrators to help out the victims whose houses have been ransacked.”

Sources close to that TMC have claimed that several TMC workers are also helping out homeless victims along with some financial assistance. They claimed that outsiders brought during the election aggravated the situation.