NEW DELHI: Ahead of the MCD election, the war of words between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and BJP has been circulating on social media platforms. Both parties have been pointing out the local issues of Delhi and planning poll campaigns accordingly. The BJP is soon to launch a “Griha Sampark Abhiyan” in Delhi to communicate about and bring out the local issues of Delhi.
“In this (Griha Sampark) Abhiyan, we will bring forth the developmental works done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and connect the people of every section of society, including people from Purvanchal, Muslims, Bengali, youth, ladies, working class, and all, with BJP. This Abhiyan will be for one week from 1-7 November and will focus on all people. We have formed 21 committees and 8 morchas, and will coordinate with the president or the pradhan or leader of the area to coordinate with the party,” a BJP Delhi insider told The Sunday Guardian.
Many such campaigns are to be seen before the MCD elections, where both parties are going to address local problems. Both parties will start campaigning aggressively and will bring out the faults in certain policies, for instance, the liquor excise policy and so on. Similarly, AAP has been highlighting the education and health models of Delhi.
In the upcoming election, Ashish Sood, the co-in-charge of Jammu and Kashmir, has been made the convener of the election management committee for the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections. Rajan Tiwari, Virendra Sachdeva, Dr Anita Arya, Vishakha Shailani and Atif Rashid have been appointed as the members of the committee. Among the various committees formed regarding the election committee, Mahendra Gupta has been appointed as the coordinator of the election office. Similarly, Moolchand Chawla has been appointed as the coordinator of the reception committee. Harish Khurana is looking into the media department and Neeraj Gupta is the convener of the judicial affairs and the election commission. Vijay Goel will look into the screening committee that has been formed to connect other party leaders.
The AAP has equally been focusing on the MCD poll campaign, along with Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited the Ghazipur landfill to express his anguish over the landfill problems in the heart of the city. On the other hand, BJP visited the Yamuna river to showcase the heavy pollution and flow of toxic foam in river Yamuna. Through press conferences, BJP Delhi has also highlighted how the Modi government has provided a huge concession with respect to house tax. In the press statement, it states, “12 years of house tax or penalty will be waived on payment of house tax from 2016-17 to 2022-23 on properties belonging to unauthorized and authorized colonies, abadi of Lal Dore.”