The purpose is to bring together professionals on one platform to discuss the ramifications and issues non-violently.


For the first time in recent history, both serving and retired Brahmin IAS and IPS officers, former high court judges, doctors, and individuals from other profession will be organising a conclave in New Delhi to discuss the ramifications arising out of the recent modifications in the SC/ST Act and reservation issue in general.

The event will be held today at Chinmaya auditorium and the dignitaries will share their views on the recent developments.

The event is being organised by a former Secretary with the Government of India, Vishwapati Trivedi, who has served in various capacities in the government, including as Secretary, shipping; special Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs; and joint chairman of Air India in the late 2000. He is the national president of Brahmin Samaj of India.

Speaking to The Sunday Guardian, Trivedi, who was a 1977 MP cadre officer, said that the purpose of the event is to bring together professionals at one platform to discuss issues non-violently.

“We, along with the Dhanvantri international foundation, which is based in Hyderabad, had formed this platform called Abhigna. Abhigna is the Sanskrit word for professionals.

At the convention today people will discuss current issues. Although we are not into agitation politics, we cannot be untouched by this issue. Some HC judges might speak on how the judiciary has not been allowed to have its way on the SC/ST amendment. They told me that they want to talk about it,” Trivedi said.

According to him, the date for the convention was decided more than one month in advance.

“We want to help people across communities, caste but we have constraints of resources. As I said earlier that we are not untouched by what is happening in the country, but that does not mean that I will allow the members to indulge in vandalism. That is not how things are done. Discussion will be there, but we will not support any agitation,” Trivedi said.

Even though IAS officers, IPS officers, judges and other professionals from the backward community have a well functioning social networking groups, this is for the first time that the Brahmin professionals are coming together to discuss issues impacting them.

Replies to “Brahmin officers stand against SC-ST amendment”

  1. Discrimination, not unity or solidarity, between different segments of people is the soul of Indian culture shaped by Hindu religion. Brahmans were the sole draftsmen of pernicious philosphies or codes, they called it shastras, that promoted intense bitterness, hatred and enmity, amongst them. Those rared and brought up on those staples do not believe the the lowest orders of the society should be allowed any opportunity for uplift and acomplishment for a noble status in life by any. To ensure this the protagonists had ensured that the lowest were denied education. And there were many almost like avatars who stood by such ancient shameful ordinances without any sense of remorse and mortification. This conference, I am afraid, will wage war against the dalits and tribals to blast any ameliorative projects and schemes of government including reservation in education and services which have already dried out.
    If they want to play a positive role, let the conference issue a call to the nation for all out campaign for dismantling discrimination, hatred and untouchability. Let illiteracy is brought to an end by say by 2030 from the face of India by most enlighetened measures and dedicated enforcement by selfless personnel. Ensure justice for all. Stop violence against the most vulnerable and marginalized. Then will India turn a new leaf.

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