New Delhi: With the appointment of a new Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) director, officials and whistleblowers working in the agency are approaching him without fear of any repercussions and are apprising him of the murky side of the agency.

The 61-year-old Madhya Pradesh cadre IPS officer, Rishi Shukla—who was appointed as CBI director on 2 February—has received more than 50 representations from the agency’s officers, many of which talk about the administrative and financial irregularities taking place within the agency under the protection of senior agency officers.

Last week, a DSP level officer wrote to the CBI director seeking his intervention and registration of FIR against a senior officer of the agency for alleged offences of financial misappropriations and corruption. The complaint was also sent to the National Security Agency (NSA), Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training and the concerned agency officer.

The DSP level officer, who has probed many high profile cases, in his complaint to Shukla, has alleged that A.K. Sharma, who was earlier with the CBI before joining the CRPF in January 2019, Amit Kumar, who is working as a Joint Director in the agency, former CBI Joint Director M.L. Sharma, Prem Gautam who is presently posted as Superintendent of Police with the agency and CBI officer Anuj Arya, had allegedly indulged in irregularities and a proper probe, which includes registering of an FIR, should be done against them.

As per the complaint, five constables of the agency, who are attached with CBI’s International Police Cooperation Unit (IPCU) branch, were getting their salaries despite not attending office and were wrongly being marked as “present”. This was happening, according to the complaint, due to the connivance and protection of senior CBI officers who have been mentioned in the complaint.

The officer has also raised questions on the status of the probe that the agency has undertaken against former CBI officers, including Ranjit Sinha, while alleging that the probes were being “managed”.

Agency officers say that Shukla, who was made the CBI director despite having no prior experience of working in the agency, ignoring the claims of other contenders who had the experience of working in the agency, does not come with the baggage of being either in favour or against any “lobby” in the agency and hence officers are approaching him with an open mind.

The CBI, in the last six months, witnessed massive internal fights between top officers, as a result of which the tenure of many senior officers, including former director Alok Verma, was curtailed by the Central government and a new director was appointed.

Replies to “CBI officers apprise new chief of murky side of agency”

  1. The malaise within CBI is beyond redemption as the top brass of the agency has been totally politicalised and a climate of cynical impotance has been created where nothing seems to be working without Political interference. The dubious officers have lost their souls to consumerism, ostentatious living and get rich mania.They are dealing not in millions but in billions? And who will bell the cat in such a dubious climate where nothing but favouritism and nepotism plays its games.
    Nothing will happen against the ex director Sinha because has a strong clout with a particular lobby. Even supreme court of India will fail in its efforts to weed out the dubious elements from the CBI.

  2. The murky and sordid details of going on in the highest and most trusted Investigation agency of the country makes an depressing reading. It appears, the Congress has destroyed every institution in our country. Wish and hope the new incumbent in the office is able to clean the muck and restore the credibility of CBI once again.

    1. I think you are mistaken.. for the last five years the CBI is working under BJP led govt and it destroyed everything in the CBI

  3. All the Vital Investigation and subsequent submission of Charge sheets against the Political Mafias of this Country are getting delayed due to sabotage by a Section of Unscrupulous CBI Officials. Hence Overhauling of total Infrastructure of CBI is urgently required.

  4. These things are happening in almost all ministries but no body is looking for it it all happens with the knowledge of ministers that are also involved in such games directly or indirectly.

  5. Can we make a system where it is impossible for CBI personnels to indulge themselves in corrupt practices by changing CBI manual and digitalising it.

    1. Yes, we can. To do that first we need the same number of whistle blowers as the number of corrupt people. When whistleblower blow the whistle, the case should be taken upto its end and convict the people. This is the first step in making the clean system.

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