‘The panel’s major role would be to form strategies for 2024 general elections’.


New Delhi: The Congress is going to form a new committee after the intra-party elections, a formality, for the post of AICC president. It will be named “national committee” and will have less than 100 members. The members will be hand-picked by the party president.
According to a senior Congress leader, the committee will play a role to carry forward all the decisions made by the CWC and enforce them in the most appropriate way. The party members say that its major role would be to form strategies for the upcoming general elections of 2024. Moreover, it will play a role in countering the narrative of the BJP to mitigate its waning presence in public.
Talking to The Sunday Guardian, member of the CWC and Haryana pradesh in-charge, Vivek Bansal, said, “The purpose is basically to strengthen the Congress as an organisation and give impression that the party is revitalised and capable to take on the ruling opposition. This would give thrust to what the CWC decides.” Political experts believe the growing rot in Congress is because of lack of dedication and the hang-over of senior leaders being in power for most of their lives. The party has failed to lead the opposition camp with its natural allies complaining about the grand old party lacking the will and decision-making prowess. However, party leaders say most of the leaders in the new body will be young, who will be chosen on the basis of their ability and dedication, who can practically help the Congress grow. P.K.D. Nambiar, a Delhi-based senior political analyst, said, “The Congress needs to tread in mature ways in order to become a part of today’s politics. Congress is not understanding that the country has progressed from 2014 and we are in 2022 and such creation of committees, micro and macro, doesn’t help.”
“You have the CWC, which meets once in a while; yet you are creating another committee. I think the Congress needs to work among people and needs to have a full-time president, who is visible, who is accessible and who is patient not only for the party but for the whole country. Unfortunately, all these things are missing, it is just a matter of time before it disappears from the world,” he said.
He further added, “Congress is known for creating committees. I think, once upon a time, disciplinary committee reports were submitted by A.K. Anthony talking about complete reform of the Congress, but nothing has happened to all those reports till now.”