A shopper at Nehru Place said that removing encroachments once won’t do.


New Delhi: The illegal encroachment by shops in Delhi is an increasing menace impeding the smooth walk of passersby. Encroachment by shops has been dealt with strictly and encroaching vendors have been removed at Nehru Place.

An official Twitter account of DCP south east Delhi, tweeted: “PS Kalkaji of Southeast Distt. Initiated an encroachment removal program to clear off footpaths for the smooth movement in the market of Nehru Place which has a heavy density of population round the clock.” Mohd. Alam, a shopper at Nehru Place, said: “These encroachments are rampant; removing encroachments once won’t do, the administration should keep all the encroachments in check and that too regularly, so that the offenders know there is law, and also know that there is an enforcement of law.”

Anil Kumar, another shopper at Nehru Place, said:”Although getting rid of encroachment is good, the administration should also look into street hawkers and vendors at other places who occupy the footpaths; they should provide them with an alternative and also find a permanent solution to jam-packed footpaths.”

On 23 September, the official account of DCP south Delhi had tweeted; “An encroachment drive was conducted by local police at Nehru Place market. All encroachments at the pathway were removed for smooth movement of pedestrians.”