Was the Covid-19 outbreak at Nanjangud factory a field trial? Is the sudden appearance of deadlier mutants in select nations a deceptive bio-war?


Bengaluru: Der totale Krieg (“The total war”) was the title of German general Erich Ludendorff’s World War I memoirs in 1935. Oxford reference defines Total War as a war that is unrestricted in terms of the weapons used, the territory or combatants involved, or the objectives pursued, especially one in which the laws of war are disregarded. Bio-war is the best example of this kind of unethical war as every human, including civilians of all ages becomes a target. Sun Tzu, military strategist of ancient China and author of The Art of War stated, “All warfare is based on deception.” Bio-war can be deceptive and ruin or exterminate the target without fighting. Worse, the attacker can, through a propaganda war, get the victim designated an enemy of humanity, while itself posing as a friend of humanity and profit by selling inferior health equipment, drugs and vaccines.

THE DECEPTION: Hapless humanity has been deceived by the worldwide distribution of the deadly lab-made Covid-19 virus. International travel out of Wuhan was allowed while travel to other parts of China was totally blocked. Instead of protecting humanity, WHO permitted a pandemic by allowing the Chinese government to withhold and suppress vital data and by misguiding health management worldwide. Trusted experts in the United States and Europe joined Chinese authorities in further deceiving us by discrediting all scientific probes that would have exposed this criminal perfidy. In the pandemonium created by this pandemic lies a great opportunity for subterfuge by the prime suspect. There is more than meets the eye, in the sudden deadly second strikes by virus variants in certain target nations as outlined later in this article.

THE COVER-UP DENOUEMENT: In her November 2017 article, Shi Zheng-Li, the Wuhan “Bat Woman” proudly mentions her “spike substitution strategy” by which “any spike could be substituted into the genome of a lab coronavirus”. Multiple scientific studies in the public domain and referred to in my earlier articles in this paper provide the evidence that this is a chimeric virus made in the lab by a genetic splicing and insertion of material from AIDs virus. It infected a few lab staff and by human to human transmission, led to this pandemic. The attempt at providing an alibi in the form of the Wuhan seafood market or wet market does not hold any water for at least three reasons. A survey by the Chinese researchers published in journal Nature, titled “Animal sales from Wuhan wet markets immediately

prior to the COVID‑19 pandemic” lists 18 wild mammals, 8 birds and 12 reptiles, 31 of which are protected species, with their price band and numbers sold. They note that “no pangolins or bats were traded”. Secondly a promotional Chinese video shows bats in cages inside the lab. Hence the only bats in Wuhan were in the lab and not out in the market. Bats were needed in the lab for identification and research on virus specimens collected from bats all over China, from Nigeria, India and elsewhere. In another article in Nature in April 2018, Shi Zheng-Li states a coronavirus outbreak in pigs began in Guangdong province in the vicinity of the origin of the SARS pandemic. She says coronavirus outbreaks occur in Guangdong province because of the trade in horseshoe bats that are known reservoirs of SARS-related viruses. This is about 1,000 km away from Wuhan. Hence any natural outbreak of Covid-19 should have happened in Guangdong province or near the bat infested mines of Yunnan province and not in Wuhan. The chorus of detractors who continue to defend the indefensible natural origin of the virus are ignoring the scientific evidence available in the public domain. With the loss of their last fig leaf, the vested interests have instead started a disinformation chorus about the variant from India.

CLEARING MISCONCEPTIONS AND MISINFORMATION: The Covid-19 virus variants of grave concern have “game changer” cluster mutations. These enable the virus to be more transmissible, highly contagious and also evade our antibodies that were generated through previous infection and vaccination. These variants of concern have more than 10 mutations. The Delta variant has 18 mutations. The Alpha variant has 21 mutations. “The SARS-CoV-2 variants associated with infections in India, B.1.617, show enhanced spike cleavage by furin” is a preprint article by virologists from Imperial College, London and the University of Sheffield, UK, explaining further enhancement to the infectivity of the virus. A team of leading British researchers commented that it has an unusually large number of genetic changes, particularly in the spike protein. Such sudden divergence from the phylogenetic root (ancestral) is suspicious because it takes a long time for so many mutations to occur. This is all the more suspicious because the Covid-19 virus has a unique proofreading ability, unlike many other RNA viruses and is therefore less likely to make errors during replication. No wonder 12 researchers from Italy and the US observed only 8 mutations over a period of 4 months from December 2019 to mid-March 2020 on analysing 220 genomic sequences from infected patients from 24 nations worldwide as reported in an article on 22 April 2021 in the Journal of Translational Medicine. Why has a virus that is more stable than other closely related viruses suddenly have multiple mutations at a rate very much faster than the more unstable viruses?

BIO-WEAPON DEVELOPMENT: Many leaks have happened in even the safest bio labs in the US and elsewhere. These have been successfully contained, unlike this virus. This chimeric virus created by genetic manipulation has been enhanced by gain of function acceleration of mutations, producing many strains. The sudden appearance of cluster mutations out of the blue in certain locations of the world under the cover of an ongoing pandemic would suggest the possibility of directed Bio-war with other strains produced in the lab. The next question is how can this be done?

THE DELIVERY SYSTEM: In September 2014, four researchers from Krakow, Poland, published an optimal protocol for freeze-drying coronavirus NL63. This virus causes upper respiratory infection in humans. The researchers stated: “This allowed safe, effective preservation and distribution of known and novel corona viral pathogens as Virions to different laboratories.” “These Virions are highly stable and can be stored at ambient temperature for up to 14 days and at least two months at +4°C.” A Virion is the complete, infective form of a virus outside a host cell, with a core of RNA and a capsid. This can survive or be stored for prolonged periods as it does not have any metabolic activity i.e., it is technically dead till it enters a host cell. Inhalable vaccines use suitable Virion powder.

THE DUMMY TEST RUN: In August 2020, officials from China and the US worked “together” in order to uncover the origin of thousands of seed packets that had been shipped from China to unsuspecting homes in the US. The USDA asked China’s help in tracking them down. This is like WHO’s Covid-19 reports, an investigation left to the prime suspect.

THE FIELD TEST: Back in March 2020 many employees from Jubilant pharma company’s Nanjangud plant in Karnataka, India tested positive for Covid-19. They had no human interaction with China. The only Chinese connection was a consignment of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) received 18 days after dispatch from China. In February 2020, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had stated: “Because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures.” Hence, the consignment was considered an unlikely source of the virus. The CDC and Indian investigators were obviously unaware of the possibility of freeze-drying coronavirus as a stable powder. The Virions as a powder could have been inside the package of the shipment or in an invoice envelope sent by air. On opening a contaminated package or envelope the Virions will become air borne and be inhaled by the handler and others nearby. This cluster outbreak has remained a mystery, not any more we hope.

OPERATIONALISE THE BIO-WEAPON WITH DENIABILITY: Under cover of the pandemic, targeted release of other strains can be passed off as mutants associated with the recipient nations. We need to consider the grave possibility that virus variants of concern may be lethally guided bio-missiles. The virus from an infected person does not last long on objects; hence there is no need to suspect every letter or package. The culprit in this asymmetric war can suppress data, media, witnesses and participants, denying involvement, blaming others. The enemy can make friendly offers to help and benefit from exports. With a friend like this, who needs enemies?

SUBTERFUGE: Was the Nanjangud factory Covid-19 outbreak a field trial? Is the sudden appearance of deadlier mutants in select nations a deceptive bio-war? We need to keep an open mind and consider all possibilities with a “high level of suspicion”. It is high time the highest authorities of all affected nations gave serious consideration to these Machiavellian plots. All right thinking scientific, defence, geostrategic, legal, financial, industrial and diplomatic experts around the world should take cognisance that of the total war unleashed on an unsuspecting humanity by a totalitarian regime set on world domination. Sun Tzu, a military strategist of ancient China also stated: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” There is an urgent need for the entire humanity to wake up and unite against evil forces. It is now or never. Chinese doctors, scientists, journalists, and citizens who risked their lives to pass on videos, details, etc., about the virus and the events in China need appreciation and whole-hearted support. Let the remorseless who tinker with deadly viruses in defiance of the Geneva protocol and the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), realise that our survival depends on Mother Nature. They proceed at their own and every one’s peril.

Dr P.S. Venkatesh Rao, MBBS, MS, DNB, FRCS, FACS, FICS, FMAS, FAES is Consultant Endocrine, Breast and Laparoscopic Surgeon; National Delegate (India) to International Society of Surgery; President 2014-15, Indian Association of Endocrine Surgeons; former Professor of Endocrine Surgery; former faculty CMC (Vellore), AIIMS (New Delhi), UCMS (Delhi), MSRMC (Bengaluru).