New Delhi: With the double mutant variant of the coronavirus being detected in Maharashtra, a doctor in the state has said that the new variant manifests itself with new symptoms among patients.

Dr Avinash Bhondwe, former president of Indian Medical Association-Maharashtra, told The Sunday Guardian, “We have noticed new symptoms in patients who have contracted the new variants. Patients develop fever, rashes on the body, loose motion and vomiting which are the common symptoms in patients who have contracted the new variants. Moreover, some patients have also developed conjunctivitis and sore eyes, strawberry tongue, etc.”

He further said, “I am treating some asymptomatic patients who are home isolated. After four to five days, it has been noticed that the patients have developed rashes on their body.”

He also said that last year, when a patient contracted the disease, he would have fever ranging from 101 or 102-degrees Celsius, but this time it is very mild, somewhere around 98-99 degrees Celsius.

He also claimed that some patients have experienced a loss of hearing capability similar to a loss of taste. “These are some new symptoms we have found in the patients after the detection of the double mutant variant,” Dr Bhondwe told The Sunday Guardian.