Data shows that in the past week, 27.4% of all samples returned positive in Delhi, against 32.5% the week before.

The average weekly test positivity in Delhi has now dropped at least 5% in the past week, offering hope at a time when the Capital’s administration and its people are battling against the surging Covid-19 wave.
The data shows that against 32.5% of positivity rate last week, the positivity rate has fallen to 27.4%.
The Delhi government data showed that the national capital added 19,832 new cases and recorded 341 new deaths. The positivity rate remained 24.9%. The added numbers took the total number of infections in the city to 1,292,867 and fatalities to 18,739. This was the second day in a row when the positivity rate remained below 25%. In the past week, 27.4% of all samples have returned positive in Delhi, against 32.5% the week before. The average positivity rate was consistently above 30% in the two weeks before the current one.
Experts have suggested, that the decline in the positivity rate has been because of the strict lockdown which has been imposed by the Delhi Government which helped bring the transmission of the disease under control, although they warned that removing curbs on social movement prematurely may again start the spread of the infection.
Whereas, there has been a marginal drop in the number of deaths at 7% in the national capital compared to last week’s data issued by the Delhi Government. It is to be believed by experts that strict and complete lockdown may be used to ‘break the chain’ of coronavirus transmission. However, it is not the complete solution so if the government plans to impose the nationwide lockdown for atleast a month the government has to ensure that a significant proportion of 40% to 50% of the people are vaccinated till then.
Another expert stated, the fall in the positivity rate is a signal that Delhi has reached the peak of infections. Now, whether the current decline in positivity rate or fatality rate is because of the lockdown is not sure, he added.
“Yes Lockdown, if strictly implemented, can break the chain and prevent transmissions giving the healthcare sector a relief– this short duration can give the government time to plan and implement a better mode of allowing them to arrange beds, oxygen, medicines, etc,” he said.
However, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the capital’s shortage of oxygen crisis has been resolved and announced plans to vaccinate the entire Delhi within three months following a meeting with his cabinet ministers to discuss the crisis that has led to thousands of deaths in the past few weeks.
“Now there is no lack of oxygen in Delhi. We should have enough oxygen beds so that no patient is deprived” Kejriwal said.
He further gave orders for completing the vaccination drive in the city of all those eligible in the next three months to stave off a possible third wave.