Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta promises to solve capital’s parking woes, and also ensure a ‘neat, clean and hygienic Delhi’.


NEW DELHI: As the MCD election is inching closer, both the BJP and AAP have thrown their full power on the ground. The incumbent BJP has been in power for the last 15 years and currently, it is facing a stiff challenge from AAP. The Sunday Guardian talked with Delhi BJP President Adesh Gupta to know on what issues BJP is seeking votes from the public. According to Gupta, unification is a welcome step which will ease the finances of loss-making MCD.

MCD’s Financial Condition
For the last 10 years, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi was trifurcated. Ten years ago, “the Congress government trifurcated MCD for their political gain. Because of this, MCD went into loss,” Gupta said. Now again, the BJP has unified MCD to improve its condition. “Earlier, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation used to have less revenue and more liabilities; however, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation used to have surplus revenue. Now after unification, we can use surplus revenue in the right place,” he added.

Development Issues
Asked what the main development issues the BJP is taking to the public, Gupta said, “Under our regime, 500 garbage collection sites ‘Dhalav Ghar’, have been cleaned and compactors were installed there. Besides this, Jan Rasoi (Public Kitchen), Jan Library and community centres were made by MCD.”
According to the BJP, out of a total 1,600 schools under MCD, “1100 schools were converted into smart-class schools”. There are around 16,000 parks under MCD in the national capital. “MCD has worked on the beautification of these parks, and open gyms and LED lights were also installed in the parks,” Gupta explained.
He also highlighted eco-friendly ideas introduced by the MCD in past years. “Many parks like Bharat Darshan Park, Bharat Vandana Park and Waste to Wonder Park are made up of garbage. Four waste-to-energy plants are also installed to convert electricity from waste and garbage.” He further accused the earlier Congress regime and the present Delhi government of not helping MCD. “First, it was Congress and now it is AAP on top and we have got no help from them, but we have done all of this with the help of the central government,” the BJP leader said.

Future Projects
According to Delhi Unit BJP president, their prime focus is to clean three landfill sites by 2024. Apart from this, parking is a big issue in the capital, and “we will solve this problem”, promised Gupta. Neat, clean and Hygienic Delhi is also the top priority. “We will bring big changes in primary health and education services. In future, our target is to smoothen the process for trade licences for businessmen,” Adesh Gupta said.

Rift inside party
Asked about any rift inside the party unit, Adesh Gupta refuted the claims and said: “This is a fake narrative built by the opposition. Delhi BJP unit is fighting MCD elections with full unity and power.” According to Gupta, the party will clinch more than 180 wards in this election. “We are confident that we will win more than 180 seats in this election,” he added.

Other issues for the party
Besides showing development works to the public, BJP is also focusing on cornering AAP. “We are showing the real face of AAP. They claim they are common men but their leader, who is in jail for money laundering, is enjoying VVIP services,” Gupta said. “The people of Delhi have understood that AAP is a party of corruption and lies. They are more corrupt compared to Congress,” he added.