HC has slammed the Delhi government over the sudden rise in Covid cases.

New Delhi: As the number of coronavirus cases and deaths are rising in Delhi exponentially, crematoriums and graveyards across the national capital are struggling to cope with the rising fatalities. The Delhi High Court on Thursday slammed the Kejriwalled government over the sudden rise in the coronavirus cases in the state. The court also directed the Delhi government to indicate steps that it has taken to manage crematoriums and graveyards in Delhi.

“Burial grounds are overflowing, funeral pyres are burning through the night. Are you aware of that?” the court slammed the government. According to reports, there are 19 crematoriums and graveyards where Covid-19 bodies (of confirmed and suspected cases) are being cremated/buried. Of these, eight are run by North Delhi Municipal Corporation (North DMC), six by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), and five by East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC).

Jitender Singh Shunty and his independent organisation Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal (SBSSD) have been working throughout this pandemic and helping the family members in cremating the bodies of Covid infected patients. “It’s a terrible situation right now. There are so many deaths that we are forced to take 3-4 bodies in the same van. In the Nigambodh Ghat, the family members of the deceased are forced to wait for 3-4 hours to cremate the bodies. Due to this, non-Covid patients are also facing problems. There is space left in Delhi for the burial or cremation of the Covid affected dead bodies. Today, I cremated 22 Covid patients.All the policies of the Delhi government have failed. Yesterday, 131 death were recorded. The government is not revealing the whole data. Those who die in home quarantine are not being reported. Till last month, we were only cremating only 5-6 bodies every day, but for seven days, we are cremating 20-22 bodies daily. The situation is horrible now,” Shunty told The Sunday Guardian.

Meanwhile, the municipal authorities are saying that they have an adequate number of Covid-designated crematoriums and graveyards and sufficient facilities to conduct the last rites. Jai Prakash, Mayor, North Delhi Municipal Corporation, told The Sunday Guardian: “There are at least eight crematoriums and graveyards under us. Out of these, two are graveyards and six are crematoriums. We arranged everything properly in these facilities. We have divided the Nigambodh Ghat into two regions, that is, for Covid and non-Covid areas. We have also dedicated three incinerators running on CNG. There are also two counters so that people don’t face any problem. We have also given proper directions in other places as well. We have asked them to use wood pyres, too, so that there is not much pressure on CNG incinerators since the number of deaths is increasing every day. On average, there are 100 deaths daily. We are sincerely working since the day Home Minister Amit Shah called a recent meeting and making sure everyone follows the guidelines.” Several Muslim cemeteries and burial grounds are also running out of space due to the rising number of deaths. According to reports, the state has several cemeteries, but the state government has selected only six burial grounds for Covid deaths. “It’s high time people need to understand the importance of wearing masks and the need to avoid going out, especially to crowded places, unnecessarily,” Jitender Singh Shunty added.