The campaign aims to sensitize Delhiites about the benefits of switching to EVs.

New Delhi: The Delhi government’s “Switch Delhi” campaign is in the second week now and several users, environmentalists, celebrities, and industry leaders have come forward to applaud the campaign. According to officials, three-wheelers emerge as the highest-selling EV segment in Delhi since the launch of Delhi’s EV policy in August last year.
The campaign is focused on generating awareness on the benefits of EV three-wheelers along with the benefits offered under the Delhi EV policy for those who want to make the switch from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles to electric vehicles.
Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Vehicle Division, told The Sunday Guardian: “I think it’s an indication that people have become more reliant on public transport. Also, electric three-wheelers are a relatively cheaper mode of transport compared to their petrol or diesel-based counterparts. So that too is something that is attracting people towards them. The overall electric vehicle segment has been growing steadily for the past few years, and it is only going to pick up the pace in the time to come and replace fossil fuel-based vehicles. This statistic is just an indication of that revolution. It’s a great initiative and if everything goes according to plan, we will have 100 EV charging stations in the national capital in one year. When it comes to electric vehicles, the range is people’s prime concern. However, if we can install charging stations throughout the country, people will be much more interested in buying electric vehicles, which is good for the environment as well as for the people.”
Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said: “Since the launch of Delhi EV policy, 5534 new EV three-wheelers have been registered. We are constantly receiving the positive feedback from OEMs that a lot of people have expressed interest to make the switch from ICE to electric. The Delhi government has led the way in promoting e-rickshaws for the last few years by giving a subsidy of Rs 30,000. After the EV policy, the same subsidy has been extended to e carts/loaders and e-autos. Scrapping incentives of up to Rs 7500 are also available. E-autos can complement e-rickshaws in providing zero pollution last mile connectivity in Delhi. The Delhi government will soon bring out a scheme to facilitate easy registration of e-autos in Delhi.”
“Subsidies provided by the Delhi government under Delhi’s EV policy on electric 3 wheeler autos reduce the total cost of ownership of the electric three-wheeler by up to 26%. By switching to electric 3 wheeler auto, an individual buyer can save approximately Rs 29,000 annually. Similarly, the subsidies provided on electric 3 wheeler e-rickshaw under the Delhi EV policy reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 33%,” the Transport Minister said.
Under Delhi’s EV policy, 177 three-wheeler models are available and eligible for purchase and scrapping incentives across 68 manufacturers. The campaign has also launched #DilliKeGreenWarrior initiative, to encourage the people. Several environmentalists, industry leaders and celebrities took to Twitter to applaud this move.
“Fossil fuel-based vehicles pollute the environment and cause greenhouse emissions which contribute to global warming. Not to mention the fact that fossil fuels are non-renewable and we will soon run out of them. It is inevitable that e-vehicles will replace fossil fuel-based vehicles and the change will help us tighten the leash on pollution and global warming,” Malhotra said.
Meanwhile, several users have also shared their experiences with this initiative. Sunil Kumar, an e-rickshaw driver said, “This e-rickshaw earns me my livelihood. It has helped me a lot with the financial savings. I received a subsidy of Rs 30,000, and the registration fee & road tax were waived off under Delhi government’s EV policy. I would urge three-wheeler owners in Delhi to switch to an e-rickshaw as it would reduce pollution levels while helping you save money.”
Another e-rickshaw driver, Ravi, said, “This e-rickshaw is the only source of livelihood and is helping me run my household. I got a subsidy of Rs 30,000 and a registration fee & road tax waiver under the Delhi Government’s EV Policy, which helped me financially. The e-rickshaw is very easy to charge and has a plug-and-charge mechanism. I prefer commercial points to charge my e-rickshaw. Other state governments too should come up with a similar EV policy to promote the adoption of EVs.”
Switch Delhi is an eight-week mass awareness campaign by the Delhi Government to sensitize each and every Delhiite about the benefits of switching to EVs to the environment as well as to make them aware of the incentives and infrastructure being developed under Delhi’s EV policy. The campaign aims at informing, encouraging, and motivating each and every person in Delhi to switch from polluting vehicles to zero-emission electric vehicles.