Cops working on a detailed plan to crack down on dreaded criminals operating from the jails of the capital.


New Delhi: The Delhi police is working on a detailed plan of action to end gang rivalries and crack down on dreaded criminals operating from the jails of the capital. The Rohini court incident in which it was revealed that the instructions were issued from inside the Mandoli jail had also led the Delhi police to initiate a quick strategy to end the gang wars in the Delhi-NCR region. After taking over the top post, Delhi police chief Rakesh Asthana said that criminals actively working and instructing their members and shooters will be dealt with harshly for criminal conspiracy and cracking down on the gangs operating in the capital will be his top priority. He had asserted, “Those associated with gangs would be arrested, and appropriate and tough legal actions should be taken against them.”

In recent times, many infamous gangsters have been arrested by the Delhi police but still many criminals are on the run and are indulging in heinous criminal activities, the most recent being the shootout at the Rohini court room where one of Delhi’s most infamous gangsters, Jitendra Gogi, was shot dead by the rival gang run by Tillu Tajpuria. Tajpuria was lodged inside Mandoli Jail, from where he gave his associates instructions to execute his orders. Two assailants have also been killed by the police.

A senior Assistant Commissioner of Police rank official of crime branch said, “The Delhi police is zeroing in on and identifying gangsters who have been actively instructing their gang members from inside the jails and are planning offences. In recent times, we have invoked 120B (punishment of criminal conspiracy) in many cases and asked the jail authorities to keep a close watch on repeat offenders. It might take a while, but we are more than certain that no one goes unpunished in the capital and we are on our way to make it a safe place for all. Any criminal activity in the capital creates national and international headlines; therefore, we are taking every case very seriously.”

Delhi police is also trying to bring on-board the Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh police as many criminal activities in these states have been planned from the jails of Delhi as several killings in Uttar Pradesh, two killings in Rajasthan, three murders in Bihar in the recent months had been planned and ordered from the Tihar jail as per the First Investigative Report (FIRs) filed in these cases which named gangsters lodged in the prison as accused.

Dayashankar Thakur, a former Inspector-General rank official of prison, said: “We all know that many facilities are available inside the prison; this has led dreaded criminals to plan and execute their notorious criminal activities from within the jail. Now with the shootout incident, the police have initiated action and are trying to crack down on them. We will see how much time it takes the police to end the gang-wars and make the capital a safe place. After committing offences, many criminals move towards Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana; hence, the Delhi Police need to collaborate with state police of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to neutralize the gangsters of NCR.”