NEW DELHI: Due to the rising cases of both dengue and Covid, doctors find difficulty in the proper diagnosis of patients. As per the experts, the Omicron variant is highly similar to dengue cases. Till now, India has reported one dengue death; however, the doctors believe that the dengue cases are going to come down in the future, however, Covid symptoms may prevail in a milder form.
“Omicron variant is like dengue as there is no desaturation noted in most cases, so the distinguishing between them is difficult,” Dr Vandana Boobna, Principal Consultant-Internal Medicine, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, told The Sunday Guardian.
Experts said that the two share symptoms like fever, exhaustion, and low back pain. The difficulty in diagnosing has been prevalent as the severity of Covid’s symptoms has decreased. The doctors are nevertheless keeping in touch with the patients’ families to see whether any of them are afflicted by illness.
Dr B.L. Sherwal, medical superintendent at Safdarjung hospital, told this paper, “Mild symptoms are making the diagnosis difficult. Symptoms of dengue are quite discreet; mild Covid exhibits no symptoms such as shortage of breath and so on. Common symptoms such as fever, and low back pain are getting common in both cases.”
Over 900 dengue cases are reported this year. As per the MCD report, the south zone and Najafgarh have recorded more than 60 dengue cases. Domestic breeding of mosquitoes, such as larvae breeding in the water at leftover cups, flowerpots, buckets, water tanks and so on, is responsible for the spike in cases. The MCD officers have been trying to raise sanitation and awareness related to dengue but the officers have remarked that unless the people are aware of the reasons for the spike, the cases cannot be eliminated. Moreover, the officials have spoken that the water stored in private areas, such as terrace or washrooms, have resulted in an increase in cases.
The dengue cases have lasted longer, this year, due to the rainy season. “As the monsoon is continuing, so is Dengue. There is nothing to be worried about; the cases will decrease in future,” an MCD officer told this paper
Similar clinical infections between the cases also include myalgia and gastrointestinal symptoms. However, subtle differences like the development of micro and macrothrombi are limited to Covid whereas, whereas dengue is usually associated with bleeding. Speaking about the subtle differences between Dengue and Covid, Dr Honey Salva, consultant internal medicine, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, told this paper, “Symptoms such as rashes, fever and intense abdominal pain are more frequent in Dengue than Covid, whereas, in Covid patients, the patients have cough and dyspnea. Currently, dengue is commonly seen among younger age groups, Covid is seen among the immunocompromised elderly population. Also, thrombocytopenia occurs in dengue without fever, however, it is uncommon in Covid.”