Today’s greatest and most anticipated news event is being hosted by the News Broadcasters Federation (NBF) National Conclave, the largest and most democratic publisher association of leading pan-India television news organisations and digital publishers. The event’s inaugural edition has as its topic “The Future of News.” On the occasion, former vice president Venkaiah Naidu addressed NBF. He discussed “Democracy – and its fourth pillar” around this time.
Venkaiah Naidu emphasised that “the media ought to be objective and not biased. He remarked that you are making a contribution by providing excellent service to the public. Mother language is similar to sight.Glasses are like English. Glasses will work if you have vision. Glasses won’t help if you don’t have vision.”
Former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu further added, “The media should debate and protest. The media should be on the side of truth. A voice should be given to the voiceless. Half of the people are women. Their concerns, views, and issues should be highlighted.”
Venkaiah Naidu lauded the role of the media during the COVID-19 crisis. On the occasion of NBF (NBF National Conclave 2022), he said, “The media played an important and big role during COVID-19. The media people were able to convey all the medical-related information to the people. Different languages, different disguises, yet our country is one. Unity in diversity is the specialty of India.”