New Delhi: In the wake of the deteriorating air condition in Delhi, locals have said that they will obey the law and won’t light up firecrackers this Diwali.

In a bid to reduce air pollution and counter the increase of air pollution due to Diwali celebrations, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee has given directives prohibiting use and sale of firecrackers in NCT of Delhi till 1 Jan 2022.  This comes after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a ban on the storage, sale and use of firecrackers during Diwali this year.

Although a few blamed uncurbed pollution of vehicles as a bigger threat to environment, calling upon Delhi government to make inclusive amends to restore air purity, others said will obey the move. Anuragh, a student, said: “I used to fire crackers three years back, but then stopped,” mentioning the understanding and importance of environment he has acquired. “The poor air condition and the diseases triggered by burning crackers sicken the environment, plus we have elders living around and with mutual understanding, we restrain lighting up crackers; we know it triggers lung diseases,” Anuragh said.

A police official said: “The ban on sale of firecrackers has already made our duty easier. The person caught selling the firecrackers will be booked for violating the ban and if someone already has a stock and is found to be lighting up crackers, he will also be booked.”

Rakesh, a parent of two children, said: “We will obey the law, we haven’t bought any firecrackers this time, although my kids have a little stock of crackers but I am not sure whether they will light it up. Last time our community children lit up some, but it was just to secure an announcement of the festival and then they got along fine with smokeless celebration. This time there is a ban, so it is unlikely that they will get a chance to fire up crackers.”