The committee has been set up to look into allegations levelled against the top administration of Satyawati College.


New Delhi: An inquiry committee has been constituted by the Governing Body of Delhi University’s Satyawati College to look into allegations levelled against the top administration of the college regarding an “organised examination scandal” being run in the college for almost two years.

Pankaj Gaur, chairman of Satyawati College’s Governing Body, told this newspaper, “We have constituted a high-level inquiry committee to look into the matter. Whatever the findings of the inquiry committee, it would be taken up for the Governing Body meeting to be held at the end of this month and appropriate action would be taken against whoever is found guilty.”

The “scandal” came to light after a professor from the college had written a letter to the University Vice-Chancellor and chairman of the Governing Body of the college, highlighting how an answer script of a student went missing from the examination hall during an examination that was being held in the college on 12 December last year.

In the letter that was submitted to Delhi University Vice-Chancellor through advocate Anikit Tyagi, it is said that “a glaring examination forgery took place on 12 December during a morning shift examination in Satyawati College (Day) examination centre where a particular student of Sanskrit (Hons) who had her examination from 9:30 am till 12:30 pm was made to undertake her aforesaid examination in the Principal’s room from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm and the copy was dispatched at 5:30 pm from the college by the acting principal Dr Nirmal Jindal and her deputy.”

The letter further said that CCTV footage would also help in determining the movement of the particular student, deputy superintendent of examination and the acting principal throughout the day in the college to verify facts.

On the condition of anonymity, a professor from the college, who was a witness to the incident that occurred on that particular day, also spoke to The Sunday Guardian. The professor said: “For the University’s examinations, each answer script that is distributed to students is inscribed with a unique serial code which is noted down by the invigilator in the attendance sheet of the students beside their names and duly signed and later submitted to the University with the answer copies. However, on this day, one of the students’ answer sheet went missing at the end of the examination and a lot of chaos was created in the college, following which a PCR was also called in the college.”

“It was seen later that the particular student was made to write the examination from the Principal’s room with a different answer sheet even when the scheduled examination time was over. Moreover, the administrative authorities had forged the attendance sheet with the use of fluids and cuttings to change the serial number of the answer sheet. The serial number of this particular student’s answer sheet also does not match with that of the other answer sheet in that room,” the professor quoted above said.

The advocate through his letter has also alleged “an organised examination scandal being run by the officiating Principal Dr Manjula Dass and her Acting principal Dr Nirmal Jindal during the last two years… Their standard practice is to call such students to the Principal’s room and make them write even after the examination time is over by one or two hours. Routinely, copies are exchanged or deposited late in the University, exceeding the stipulated time from two to five hours.”

When The Sunday Guardian contacted Acting principal Dr Nirmal Jinadal, who was on duty on that particular day of the examination, she said, “I cannot speak on this matter and I am not authorised. Please speak to the University officials.”

The examination department of Delhi University has also sought an explanation and a report from the college on “irregularities” in examination that have been brought to the notice of the university.


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