The case may come up for hearing on 29 January before the High Court in Qatar.


NEW DELHI: A clarity regarding the fate of eight Indian nationals who are in illegal detention of the Qatar government for the past five months is expected to emerge by the end of this month.
Sources have told The Sunday Guardian that a three-judge bench of the High Court in Qatar hearing the matter involving the eight Indian naval veterans has asked the Qatari State Security, which comes under Qatari Ministry of Interior, to file its charges in the case. “There will be some clarity in the next hearing, as the court will be presented with statements from the QSS. Depending on what comes up, things will move accordingly. The court may either ask them to be released or may ask trial to be started,” a local source aware of the matter told The Sunday Guardian.
The case is likely to come up for hearing on 29 January and it is expected that the interior ministry will mention the alleged offences that the eight Indians have been accused of which has led to their illegal detention since the night of 30 August.
Due to a lack of communication from Qatar detailing genuine reason, if any, behind arresting the eight Indians and keeping them in solitary confinement, speculation ranging from corporate rivalry, disputes between members of the Qatari royal family members to espionage is being ascribed to this development that has severely dented the bilateral ties between the two countries.
All these eight Indians are employees of Dahra Global Technologies and Consultancy Services which works closely with the Qatari navy and has offices in Oman, apart from Doha.
The Sunday Guardian reached out to the Doha office of Dahra on Thursday seeking the latest update in the matter. Despite a commitment of the queries being replied to, none was received till the time the story went to press.
As per Qatari legal system, after a decision is pronounced by the High Court, the same can be challenged in the Court of Appeal which then can be further challenged in the Court of Cassation, which is the highest court in the Qatari judicial system.
The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India, has so far not moved beyond stating that it was in touch with the Qatar government on the issue while directing the Indian media to reach out to the Qatari interior ministry to seek the reasons for the arrest of the eight Indians.
The Sunday Guardian reached out to the Interior ministry, seeking the latest updates and the reasons for the ministry not sharing basic details like the reasons for arresting these men. No response was, however, received.