The Sunday Guardian, in association with NewsX channel, is organizing a ‘Global Environment Conclave on Environment, Ecology and Wildlife’ in the capital on Monday, which is expected to set the agenda for the policymakers and other stakeholders in order to make the Earth a greener place.

The Conclave, to be held at the Taj Diplomatic Enclave, Chankyapuri, will provide a platform for businesses, governments, think tanks, civil society to come together to discuss and debate the daunting task ahead, to share their experiences and to think of workable solutions.

The theme for the international conclave is ‘An Integrated Vision for Sustainability-Agenda 2030’, which will focus on the collective action of all stakeholders in the area of conservation of environment, ecosystem and wildlife.

Both The Sunday Guardian and NewsX are parts of the iTV Network, India’s fastest growing news and infotainment network with multiple interests in print, electronic and digital media. The network owns and operates three national news channels which include the Hindi frontrunner India News, the English news channel NewsX and NewsX HD.

Environment, Ecology & Wildlife conservation is a long-term effort, spanning generations. Collaboration and working in partnership is the key to arriving at sustainable solutions. The daunting challenges being faced are related to environment & ecology, which can be tackled with the help of inclusive partnerships built upon a shared vision and shared goals that place the planet at the centre.

While Mike Pandey’s Earth Matters is the Knowledge Partner, Raghu Saxena is the Resource Partner. The event is powered by AGDauters, co-powered by Max India Foundation and United Phosphorus Ltd, while Central Coalfields Limited and GAIL (India) Ltd are eco partners. The ‘eg communications’ is the visibility partner.

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