New Delhi: The largest and most democratic industry body of top pan-India television news organisations and digital publishers, the News Broadcasters Federation (NBF) National Conclave, held an event in the National Capital under the theme “Future of News,” on 21 October. NBF members consist of 50+ TV channels and 150+ digital platforms.
The day-long cerebral conversation saw leaders across hues scrutinise the current news media landscape from the point of opportunity, challenges, and threats. Themes such as the media as the fourth pillar of the future of the news industry came up for deliberations.
While launching the NBF conclave, Venkaiah Naidu stressed that the media should neither be left nor right but be neutral. “The media must have a passion for the nation, it is just like a service and they should take it as a mission,” he said.
“Keep away from sensations. Sensationalism is senseless. The media should stay out of it. The news has to be undiluted. The passing of information to people with confirmation is very important. To strengthen democracy, you need to strengthen the opposition. Whatever they (opposition) want to say, they should speak out. If they are not satisfied, they should walk out, but they should not break out. The same is the case with the media. Even if a channel has a view, you have a view, but don’t portray it as a national view.”
He further added, “There are many languages and you can speak in a language of your choice In the countryside, only a few know english, they just know their regional language. They understand their mother tongue better and they are able to articulate their language better. Everybody should be allowed to speak in their mother tongue,” former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu stated.