New Delhi: The details in the First Information Report (FIR), given by the father of 26-year-old Ankit Sharma, a residence of Khajuri Khas of northeast Delhi, shows that Sharma was stabbed at different places across his body and his face was disfigured by pouring acid.
Ravinder, the 48-year-old father of Ankit Sharma, who worked in the Intelligence Bureau (IB), has named AAP councillor from Nehru Vihar, Tahir Hussain, and others who had gathered in his four-storey office near Chand Bagh drain. Ankit Sharma’s body was discovered from the same drain.
As per the FIR, Ankit Sharma left his home at 5 pm on 25 February to purchase household items. However, when he didn’t return home, his family members and friends started looking around and they also went to two nearby police stations, Khajuri Khas and Dayalpur, and also visited the local hospitals for any news on Sharma. However, when they could not find him anywhere, they lodged a missing complaint in the morning of 26 February (Wednesday).
Later, the family members learnt that Ankit Sharma had left the home with one Kalu and another individual on Tuesday evening. When they were asking around for Kalu, they were told that someone had been killed at a premise near the drain and the body was thrown into the drain. Learning this, the family members informed the Dayalpur police station. Following this, the local divers discovered Ankit Sharma’s body with only his underwear on it.
“There were cut marks done by using sharp weapons on his head, face, chest and waist. There were acid burn marks on his face and other body parts to hide his identity,” reads the statement of Ankit Sharma’s father. The medical report of Ankit Sharma accessed by The Sunday Guardian, which was prepared at 12.55 pm by the GTB staff on 26 February, states that he was brought to the hospital unresponsive and all major life signs were unresponsive. Commenting on media reports that have been suggesting that Ankit Sharma was stabbed 400 times, an official at the hospital said that it was not true. “He had multiple wounds. We do not know from where the number 400 came up. It is not true,” an official said. Dr Sunil Kumar, the Medical Superintendent of GTB, too, told The Sunday Guardian that the “400” number was neither given by him, nor by the hospital nor by the Forensic department of GTB which carried out Ankit Sharma’s autopsy. “No one from our side has given this number. The number ‘400’ too is false,” Kumar said. Ankit Sharma’s father has also given a background information regarding how Tahir Hussain’s office was being used as a shelter for “goons” who were indulging in stone-pelting, firing and throwing petrol bombs on those who were supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act. The FIR statement was given by his father at the Dayalpur police station at 11.40 pm on 26 February.