Rajasthan CM accuses Modi government of turning a blind eye to miseries of farmers, unemployed youth.


Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has slammed the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi over what he called wrong policies “due to which country’s condition is worrisome”. “Farmers are not being given any audience, price rise has reached climax, youth are not getting employment and every section is in deep trouble,” Gehlot said.

The CM said that BJP made tall promises for getting power, but none of them could be fulfilled by it. Contrary to BJP’s promise to contain inflation, prices of diesel, petrol and edible oil have spiraled up tremendously, with nobody there to take any step in this regard. “They had promised to give two crore employment every year, but they could not give even two crore jobs in seven years,” the Rajasthan CM remarked. Gehlot claimed that his government is giving jobs to lakhs of youth in Rajasthan over the last three years. He also claimed that his government’s policies are benefiting farmers as well as the common man. “This is the reason why we are winning byelections in both the seats of the state,” he further claimed, adding that “we will win the next Assembly polls. People are disillusioned with BJP as the country’s present precarious situation is not hidden from anyone”. In a chit chat with the press, Gehlot said now the public has realized that BJP and Sangh leaders only pay lip service.

Gehlot is nowadays visiting the entire state keeping an eye on the works of his government and holding direct dialogue with the people on the ground. He is sparing no effort to ensure that all promises in the manifesto are fulfilled as early as possible. However, a handful of his adversaries in the party try to create an atmosphere against Gehlot allegedly at the behest of the BJP. Misleading reports are allegedly planted in the media. Gehlot continues to work for the welfare of people regardless of all this.

While talking about rise in prices of diesel and petrol, Gehlot said that fuel price hike leads to inflation. “There is no control on this practice, as prices continue to be hiked,” he added. “The Aam aadmi and the poor are suffering a lot,” Gehlot said. The CM alleged that the Centre is not ready to realise the problems the public is facing. “Every day a new scheme is launched, with no knowledge of what the scheme has for aam aadmi,” Gehlot added. They are busy fleecing the public, turning a blind eye to the sufferings of people, Gehlot charged. “Youth cannot even afford to ride two wheelers due to high fuel prices,” he added. “Our leaders are stopped when they hit the streets against price rise,” Gehlot pointed out. “Our leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra are stopped when they stage protests democratically against price rise,” he added.

He said that his government is introducing effective programmes every day for the unemployed, with lakhs of youth having been given employment in Rajasthan. “I appeal to people to see the work his government has done over the last three years, Gehlot said. Our schemes like Chinranjeevi, free medicines and medical assistance, are making the mark, Gehlot claimed. Roads are being built, water is being supplied to scores of households by our government in the state, but the central government is publicizing the Jal Jeevan mission,” Gehlot said, adding that the state government is contributing half of the money being spent on this water mission. “There should be some credit to the state as well,” he remarked. The constructive and development works of the government have been raised during the Dhariyawad and Vallabhnagar bypolls, said Gehlot.

Unlike the BJP, Congress does what it promises, claimed Gehlot. Congress always gave importance to farmers, fulfilling promises made to them. Unfortunately, the Central government is turning a deaf ear to farmers who are on the roads democratically raising their demand. Agitating farmers were crushed in UP, Gehlot alleged. With the central government continuing to be indifferent towards farmers and common man, people are upset with the current regime. PM Modi and big BJP leaders used to talk about black money, unemployment and price rise as major issues during the 2014 election campaign but nothing was done on these fronts. There is no need to remind the people of all this, as they know everything.