NEW DELHI: This year, Haryana ranked number one rank on the list of Public Affairs Index. The seventh edition of PAI was brought out by Bangalore-based Public Affairs Centre. The northern state ranked on the top in terms of combined parameters of delivering social, economic and political justice. Haryana, with a score of 0.695, topped the list in three kinds of justices. After Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Punjab and Karnataka secured top six positions on the index among big state.
This year, Karnataka has improved its position, last year, it was ranked seventh, but this year, it secured sixth position with 0.622 score. Other larger states like Maharashtra, West Bengal and Jharkhand are placed on 16th, 17th and 18th positions.
In 2021, Haryana was ranked 11th on list, with 0.243 score. The same year Gujarat, Kerala and Rajasthan scored top three positions. According to report this year, good performance of Haryana is accredited to high labour productivity and assurance of standard of living to wage workers.
Among small states, Sikkim secured the first rank with a score of 0.5715 and Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are placed on second and third position respectively. According to report Sikkim’s top rank is driven by low rates of unemployment, high labour productivity, assurance of standard of living to wage workers and high female worker population.

Economic Justice
In the delivery of economic justice, Chhattisgarh secured the top rank with a score of 0.830, while Haryana with 0.800 and Karnataka with 0.790 scores secured second and third positions, respectively. West Bengal secured the last rank with a score of 0.180.

Social Justice
Punjab secured the first place in the delivery of social justice, which includes endowments and entitlements, with a score of 0.916, followed by Kerala in second place and Haryana in third.

Political Justice
In the delivery of political justice, Tamil Nadu is ranked the top place with 0.875 score and Kerala with 0.797 and Madhya Pradesh with 0.734 score secured second and third places on the index respectively.