Says BJP is trying to create an atmosphere of terror in the country.


New Delhi: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has been vindicated in the case of alleged horse trading of his legislators in the state. The outcome of the probe into allegations of horse trading has not only silenced the Opposition, but also adversaries in his own party who were questioning the veracity of the charges. Emboldened by the findings, Gehlot today launched a frontal attack on the BJP high command, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, accusing them all of trying to topple an elected government. In what fits Rahul Gandhi’s plan to pillory the BJP central leadership in the fiercest manner, Gehlot pulled no punches in being critical of the BJP top brass. Rahul Gandhi has been attacking PM Modi for a long time and he wanted others to follow him. CM Gehlot’s frontal attack on Modi-Shah seems to have gone on that line. That’s why he today chose to mount a massive attack on PM Modi and Shah. He went to the extent of saying that BJP is trying create an atmosphere of terror in the country. He said the public will smash the arrogance of Modi and Shah.

The special task force constituted to probe the horse trading allegations has come out with certain facts which have created a storm in the politics of Rajasthan. In the days to come, it’s definitely going to impact the politics of both the BJP and Congress. Even some Congress leaders had raised finger at Gehlot, making horse trading allegations. They had asked Gehlot to explain who were offered kickbacks. After this, Gehlot set up an inquiry and thwarted the bid to topple his government. He also successfully managed to keep his MLAs intact during Rajya Sabha elections.

It’s a common knowledge that attempts had been made to dislodge the Gehlot government during the Rajya Sabha elections just like what happened in Madhya Pradesh. As a result, the BJP was red faced. Apart from this, fighting within the BJP also got exposed in the wake of the government toppling exercise coming to a naught. The whole episode turned out to be a tussle between Vasundhara Raje and the BJP leaders who happen to have control over the organisation as of now. Vasundhara Raje had been kept aloof from all the exercise. It’s said that a Central minister hailing from Rajasthan had led the mission to topple the government. Hence, there are all indications of BJP leaders getting embroiled in fighting with each other. The heat of the probe may singe some top faces of the BJP, including a Central minister who will then be in crisis.

Based on inputs from the probe team, Gehlot has, meanwhile, mounted a vitriolic attack on the BJP, accusing it of trying to topple his government. He said the BJP has grown arrogant after 2014 and is stooping to the level of political sabotage. He said instead of joining hands with the government in this hour of pandemic, the BJP is trying to destabilise the government. He asserted that they won’t be allowed to succeed and his government will last five years. He said he will be winning next time, too, and all the decisions are being taken accordingly. He said his works to tackle the corona crisis are being lauded in the country. According to sources, a minister in Delhi is already under suspicion. However, the probe team has yet to come out with something more substantial. The matter has assumed alarming proportion ever since names of some MLAs came to the fore.

Gehlot is still cautious based on inputs that a plan to overthrow his government may still be afoot. That MLAs remained united is attributed to Gehlot’s efforts. The MLAs, under the leadership of chief whip Mahesh Joshi, have demonstrated unity and reiterated faith in Gehlot. All are attacking the BJP. Congress politics has undergone a sea change as some leaders were singled out in the probe. The faction trying to weaken Gehlot has been isolated. Gehlot has emerged stronger.