IMA chief Dr J.A. Jayalal says Patanjali has made an unscientific medicine and false claim.

New Delhi: After Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan appeared to endorse “Coronil”, claimed by Patanjali as a medicine against Covid-19, Indian Medical Association (IMA) president Dr J.A. Jayalal said that the Association has objection to the way the medicine was promoted in the press conference.
Speaking to The Sunday Guardian, Dr Jayalal said, “We are objecting to the way Coronil was promoted and endorsed by the Union Health Minister. Patanjali has given a false claim to the people to believe. The company claimed that the medicine is a wonder drug and it can prevent the virus and it can cure post-complications from Covid. It was promoted by the health minister with an ulterior motive.”
He further told The Sunday Guardian, “We are not commenting whether the drug is good or bad for humans. We are complaining about the method of endorsement.”
The company had claimed that it has received WHO certification, which was later denied the world health body.
Stating that the research paper published in the health journals, as claimed by the company, was a child’s play, Jayalal told The Sunday Guardian, “If ayurvedic tablet Coronil is the first evidence-based medicine for Covid-19, then the company should show the evidence in public. The research papers are false and it is a child’s play. The company has made an unscientific medicine.”
Talking about the research pattern for medicine for allopathic and traditional medicines, Indian Medical Association chief Jayalal said, “The research pattern and method are different compared to traditional medicines. Traditional medicine is based on experience of the patients over several years, whereas allopathic medicine is based on research.”
“Being the Health Minister of the country and a modern medicine doctor, how ethical is it to promote an unscientific product before the country? How justified it is to release a false, fabricated and unscientific product? If Coronil is so effective, why spend Rs 35,000 crore on vaccinations?” the Indian Medical Association has asked Vardhan in a letter.
The apex body of doctors accused the minister of violating the Medical Council of India’s Code of Ethics by promoting a drug with unsubstantiated claims of treatment. Indian Medical Association chief Jayalal and Secretary General Jayesh Lele said they would write to the National Medical Commission about the “blatant disrespect” for the MCI code.