At the 74th UNGA Summit, Imran Khan did what no other leader would ever do to their country in the 21st century—he got his own country declared as a radical Islamic state that sponsors international terrorism in the name of Islam. He gave a call to Muslims all over the world to wage an armed Islamic jihad against India. What is India’s fault? It is trying to restore democracy in a part of their country where rule of law became absent because of corruption by a few Muslim politicians. By removing a temporary Constitutional provision, India acted to protect the rights of children, women, the economically underprivileged and the homeless. The Indian government ensured that all residents of Jammu and Kashmir under its jurisdiction have access to medical insurance, access to education and access to developmental funds, access to funds from Indian corporates, access to the latest medical infrastructure, Right to Information, freedom from Islamic terror sponsored by Pakistan and access to an impartial anti corruption bureau like in any other states in India. The majority of countries have supported the Indian government decision, except for four groups whose hatred for Hindus is greater than common sense and love for truth and justice.

 Relief Everywhere

Kashmir is today breathing a gasp of fresh air. There is no curfew or civic restriction in almost 98% of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan is scared to send any radical Islamic terrorists to Jammu and Kashmir. The Muslim victimhood campaign by the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, UN and Pakistan has failed in Kashmir. The world has recognised that Hindu genocide by Muslims in Kashmir was the root cause not acceptable by Indians. The world has listened carefully to Imran Khan’s admission on a global forum of his country’s complicity in training ISIS and Al Qaeda. Ladakh is enjoying its freedom from oppressive Islamic politics coming from Pakistan-sponsored politicians sitting in Srinagar. Jammu is also relieved that the Islamic terror backbone in Srinagar has been dismantled by a small Constitutional correction by New Delhi.


First, the opposition to sensible laws in Jammu and Kashmir is coming from Islamic terror sponsoring states like Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia. For the last 70 years Pakistan has sponsored state terrorism against its own religious minorities such as Shiaa, Ahmadiyas, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Baloch, Sindhis, Pashtuns and Mohajirs. Pakistan has used weapons of war such as F16, armed helicopters and heavy artillery against the Baloch and the Pashtuns to attain its state objectives. The Pakistani army killed 3 million Bengalis before 1971. The Islamic Pakistani state has used rape as a weapon against women to suppress dissent in its territories and also demographically changed the status of Occupied Kashmir. Not only that, it gifted parts of that territory to China.

Second, the opposition to sensible laws in Jammu and Kashmir is coming from Indian Communists and leftist organisations who are well known to be irresponsible and peddlers of “news” on fake atrocities. Needless to say, their only selfish agenda is to somehow get some attention to keep themselves financially afloat. Their donation sources are in Pakistan and China.

Third, the opposition to development focused laws in Jammu and Kashmir is coming from China, a country well known for human rights violations. Tiananmen Square, Hong Kong, Tibet and Uighur Muslims have all witnessed China’s state brutality.

Fourth, the opposition is coming from Malaysia, a country trying its best to be seen as an Islamic State following the wishes of its Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed. For Malaysia, which is trying its best to remove its Hindu identity as recent as 15th century, the Islamic hatred of Hindu India is the only reason for opposing India. That Islam has been imposed on Bumiputera against their wishes will be an understatement.

Fourth, Turkey is fast becoming the second Pakistan of the world under Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Many European countries have expressed their sense of threat emanating from Turkey. Greece, Cyprus, Iraq and Armenia have serious conflicts with the current regime in Turkey. Erdogan routinely threatens EU with 1 million refugees. That’s refugee-based Islamic brinkmanship by Erdogan. Recently, Erdogan got himself re-elected through a fabricated election to cement his power in Turkey. Like Imran Khan, Erdogan is using Islam to strengthen his ideological and moral hold of the power. All his enemies have been brutally destroyed within Turkey. Erdogan was once removed from his position of Mayor of Istanbul for inciting religious hatred against Turkey’s minorities. He imposed restrictions on social media such as Twitter and Facebook in 2013 and Wikipedia in 2017. All this makes Turkey a most dangerous place for reporters. Reporters without borders have routinely expressed their concern about press freedom in Turkey. Refugees have been turned into a diplomatic ammunition by Erdogan. Turkey’s hatred for India stems more from Erdogan’s Islamic beliefs than the geostrategic advantage that India holds vis-a-vis Turkey.

India cannot take these four opposing groups lightly. India can also not take support from President Trump and other western countries for granted. It’s time to make a proactive foreign and domestic policy centred around rewards and punishment that the world will take cognizance of. As globalism is dead and so is larger than life expressions of friendship between leaders and states. At the end action is what matters most. My suggestion to Indian foreign office will be to punish UN, Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia in an appropriate manner. They all must feel the pain resulting from their fraudulent campaigns. India also needs to reward its friends that world needs to be cognisant of.