KIGALI (Rwanda): MP Aparajita Sarangi won the election for the post of Member of Executive Committee of Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU), on Thursday she had a chat with The Sunday Guardian in respect of India’s position in IPU.
She said, “For the past two decades, India had not been a member of the Executive committee of the IPU Inter Parliamentary Union and as we know there are 15 members on the executive committee. Now India being a member would mean a lot to India and to all the aspirational countries like India.”
India got 12 votes out of 18. Aparajita Sarangi defeated Fadli Zon, MP from Parliament of Indonesia.
While talking about India’s victory, she added, “We are all developing countries, we are trying to move forward and the way you know, India is making rapid strides on all frontiers. I am sure we would be a developed country in course of time. We are the largest democracy in the world and we are the fastest growingeconomy. We are the 5th largest economy and things are extremely positive as far as governance in India is concerned under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.”
Talking about the IPU she said that as far as the Inter parliamentary union is concerned, there are 178 Nations and 14 associate members who are working together for goals like promotion of peace in the world, democratic governance in the world, climate change, and sustainability of development, youth Empowerment and women upliftment. “These are very crucial issues,” she added.