New Delhi: Hexacopters manufactured by Chinese companies that are actively involved in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects, are being used by ISI-backed groups to smuggle into Jammu and Kashmir assault rifles produced by a Chinese state-owned defence corporation, Norinco.

These hexacopters were bought/gifted to Pakistan by the Chinese government to secure the CPEC projects and the T-97 NSR rifles (manufactured by Norinco)—that are extensively used by the PLA soldiers—were also gifted to Pakistan’s Frontier Force, ostensibly to secure the CPEC.

Indian intelligence agencies tracking the development believe that China is helping Pakistani agencies to push into Jammu and Kashmir as much arms as possible before the onset of winter so that terror strikes that have drastically reduced in the valley in the last one year, can be resumed.

The use of hexacopters and drones to drop arms has been started by the ISI after it realised that the Indian security forces were working on the principle of not shooting at an unarmed intruder trying to cross over into India. This modus operandi of sending in arms and men separately has been done, according to sources, to minimise the instances of terrorists being killed at the LoC itself.

Ever since January, the security forces have discovered at least 15 such instances where Chinese made arms were recovered either from individuals or were discovered near the LoC. Six of these have happened in September alone.

On the intervening night of 23-24 September 2020, the security forces arrested two individuals while they were going from Jammu to South Kashmir. One Chinese made Norinco T97 NSR rifle, four magazines with 190 rounds, one AK47 rifle with four magazines and 218 rounds and three grenades were discovered from them. Their interrogation revealed that the consignment was dropped from a drone at Samba.

“The nexus between China and Pakistan in arming the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir is becoming more evident with every passing day. The evidence we have of Chinese ‘goods’ being used to spread terror in India are too many,” a senior Intelligence officer said.


On 23 September, five AK-47 rifles, and two pistols were recovered in the Ferozpur Mamdot sector. On 22 September, two AK assault rifles, one pistol, three AK magazines and 90 rounds which were airdropped by a Pakistani drone in a village in Akhnoor region were seized by Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Similarly, on 18 September, two AK-56 rifles, two pistols and four grenades were recovered along the Line of Control in Rajouri Sector which, too, were dropped by a Pakistani drone.

The security forces, on 14 September, recovered two China made QBZ 95 rifles in the Gurez sector of North Kashmir when they challenged a group of terrorists attempting to infiltrate from Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir. These terrorists abandoned their rucksacks before jumping into the Kishanganga river. The bodies of the two terrorists, who had drowned, were recovered later.

On 12 September, the BSF troops recovered one AK-47 rifle, one M16 Rifle and two pistols which were smuggled across the IB fence in Ferozpur Kudian. On 8 September, the forces recovered one AK-47, one M-4 Rifle, two magazines and six pistols which were smuggled from across the IB.

On 30 August, seven AK-47 rifles, two pistols and 29 grenades were recovered along the Line of Control in Rampur sector. On 18 August, one AK-47 rifle was recovered along the Line of Control in the Tangdhar sector.

On 31 July, three AK-47 rifles, one Pika Gun, one Sniper Rifle, 12 grenades and two UBGLs were recovered along the Line of Control in the Machil sector. On 22 July, one AK-47 rifle, five pistols and 24 grenades were recovered along the Line of Control in the Rampur sector.

On 6 July, three AK-47 rifles and two pistols were recovered along the Line of Control in the Uri sector. On 8 June, two AK-56 rifles, two UBGL, five pistols and 57 grenades were recovered along the Line of Control in the Keran sector.

On 31 March, two AK-47 rifles and one pistol were recovered along the Line of Control in the Keran sector. On 22 March, eight AK-47 rifles and 28 grenades were recovered as dumped on the Line of Control in the Keran sector.

On 19 January, a Pakistani Quad copter was recovered by the BSF in the Kathua sector, with one M4 rifle, two magazines, 60 rounds and seven grenades.