The internal survey shows that Isudhan Gadhvi has around 70% support to be the CM face of AAP.


NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is trying to set itself up as a dominant electoral force in Gujarat. For the AAP to get established quickly, party supremo Arwind Kejriwal had been visiting the state frequently. In the last month, Kejriwal visited the state five times, showing that the party wants to leave no stone unturned in its political pursuit in the state. Moreover, to convey the significance of AAP, the party wants to put up a strong CM face who is accepted by the people as well as by the cadre.
According to party leaders, the internal survey that the party has conducted to assess the popularity of its top two leaders (Isudhan Gadhvi and Gopal Italiya) among the people of Gujarat, has shown Gadhvi being accepted as a CM face by around 70% people. However, the party has not decided on its CM face yet as it believes, the current phase belongs to ground preparations.
But the importance of its CM face cannot be undermined, said an AAP leader. Leaders in the party believe that there is more spotlighting of Gadhvi, “the way he is being portrayed shows that he could be the one declared as the CM face,” a party leader said. An insider in the party claimed, “The way Gadhvi has been doing political work and fulfilling his responsibilities, and the way he is being presented by the party, shows that he could be the one the party chooses as the CM face before elections.”
Manoj Surathiya, AAP state general secretary Gujarat unit, told The Sunday Guardian, “It is important nowadays to have a strong CM face, people believe in a charismatic leadership more. If we are able to give a credible face, it will help us reach comfortable electoral levels. We are on the way, and at the right time, we will declare our CM face.”
AAP leaders say that Gadhvi is seen as a “Mataji ka Bhakt” and his image in the state embodies the Hindu caste (Ghadvi), who have traditionally been hereditary genealogists, bards and storytellers. “Gadhvi” is historically associated with the Rajput caste of Rajasthan. Party leaders further said that its vote bank is going to be middle class and lower middle class.
The reason Italiya would not be made the CM face, according to a party leader, is due to his patidar caste. The leader said: “The Patidar factor could work against us, if he is made the CM face; chhetris and brahmins will not vote for the AAP. It is believed by all other castes that patidars want every rank in every organisation to be theirs. And if he is made the face, all other castes will think that this is a patidar party.” The party leaders say the decision to choose a CM face is still with Kejriwal and “he can choose anyone out of the two or even a third leader”, a party leader said.