New Delhi: An Italian firm–Italferr–has been appointed to design and supervise the development of the metro lines in Kanpur (32 km) and Agra (30 km).

According to a company official, Italferr, which is the engineering arm of FS Italiane, in partnership with the Spanish firm Typsa, has been appointed to design and supervise the metro lines, which will have over 62 km of track, 57 stations and four depots.

The contract, signed with the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC), has a five-year duration and a total value of over 43 million euro, with the Italferr share being over 19 million euro, and includes the planning of four corridors (for a total length of over 62 km). The contract, signed with the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC), has a five-years’ duration and a total value of over 43 million euro, with the Italferr share being over 19 million euro, and includes the planning of four corridors (for a total length of over 62 km). Aldo Isi, CEO of Italferr, told The Sunday Guardian  that the starting date (of the project) was under negotiation considering the lockdown, “but let us say it should be as early as September 2020, for a period of 60 months”.

Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane Group (FS Group) is a fully owned company of the Italian government working in the railway sector and is under the Ministry of Treasure, Italy.

The official said this is FS Italiane’s most important contract in India confirming its place in the high-speed sector, but also in the international metropolitan public transport panorama. The whole operation, worth 2.4 billion euro, is financed with funds from the Indian government and the European Investment Bank.

Specifically, the new Kanpur metro line will be developed along two main corridors. The first is from Kanpur to Naubasta and the second from the Agricultural University, having an overall length over 32 kilometres, 30 stations and two depots. The Agra metro line will also include two corridors connecting Sikandra to Taj East Gate and Agra Cantt to Kalindi Vihar respectively, for a total distance of over 30 kilometres with 27 stations and two depots.  FS Italiane has been operating in India for a few years, even having a branch with Italferr in New Delhi which will be transformed into a legal entity in the coming months.  FS Italiane, he said, is committed to realising strategic works in India since 2016, including the design and supervision of the construction of the Anji Khad Bridge–the first cable-stayed bridge with the utmost technical prestige–as well as project management consulting for the development of two new metro lines in Mumbai.  As of 2017, Italferr also took on the quality and safety inspection activities for the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor-Khurja-Dadri Section project, one of the peak freight corridors for the Indian Railways.

Stable growth in the Indian subcontinent market continued throughout 2019, with the award of the design of and support in the construction of the two lots for the railway line between Rishikesh and Karanprayag (at a length of 125 km) in Uttarakhand.


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  1. Italy enters into deals in June 2020 for execution of projects.
    Italy was in news in June , 2020 for having entered into agreements to execute or work for new enterprising projects in India , France and Tunisia in partnership or collaboration with them respectively. These projects appear to be aimed at boosting country’s economy besides a push as developmental giant. In this line , this Vedic astrology writer world want to share with readers the following instances:-
    (1). Italian company Italferr , an engineering arm of FS Italiane , was appointed in June 2020 to design and supervise metro lines in Agra and Kanpur , UP , India , which will have over 62 kilometers of track , 57 stations and four depots. According to news report published on 27 June , 2020 , a contract has been signed between the Italian company and UP Metrorail Corporation. The contract includes the work of planning of four corridors. FS Group is a fully owned company of the Italian government in the railway sector.
    (2). Italy and France are reported to have reached a deal in early June 2020 to fund half the cost of new cutting edge technology projects launched by Naviris , the joint venture between the countries’ leading shipyards.
    (3). A strategic agreement between Italian and Tunisian maritime clusters represents the official gateway to boost the blue economy in the Mediterranean. Maritime clusters are pivotal in implementing the collective Blue Growth agenda in the Western Mediterranean. In this context , a strategic agreement between Blue Italian Growth ( BIG ) and Cluster Maritime Tunisian ( CMT ) , was reportedly signed on 9 June , 2020. The agreement establishes a framework for common projects , initiatives and funding programmes such as ENICBC , Interreg or Horrizon 2020. Both countries are interested in working together in all the concerned areas of the Blue economy : from the skills , marinas , shipbuilding to fishing and aquaculture.
    The aforesaid scenario of happenings brought out in points (1) to (3) was forecast in essence by this Vedic astrology writer through article -“ Potential of stars for Italy in soon coming year 2020” – published last year at on 15 December , 2019. The related predictive text in the said article reads like this :-
    “ 6. There is a positive turn of events also. During about second half of year 2020 , Italy is likely to get opportunities in relation to past unfulfilled dreams or opportunities of forward positive movement in relation to such projects. Some good work done in the past can bring success. Some stuck-up projects can open gates to move forward. Relations with powerful nation or nations can grow positive drawing their support. Economy is likely to move forward. Partnership issues with nations may resolve well and their cooperation in economic and social sectors may be had. Italy may be associated with some international assignment of pride”.

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