Assistant professor Dr Pravesh Kumar, who is a faculty member in the Centre for Comparative Politics & Political Theory, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), has slammed the “anti-India forces” operating from the JNU campus and has alleged that these groups were feeling threatened because their foreign funding has been stopped by the current Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led NDA government. Dr Kumar is a Dalit scholar belonging to Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh.

Giving the example of Rona Wilson, a former student of JNU, who has been recently arrested by the Maharashtra police for his alleged involvement with Maoist organisations, Kumar said that for decades the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus has served as a fertile ground for anti-India activities and such forces carry out their activities under the garb of bringing social justice.

“These people talk about bringing social justice while living a lavish life, wearing branded clothes and holidaying in foreign countries. Someone needs to ask them that with the kind of salary that they get as professors in JNU, how they manage to go so frequently on foreign holidays. All this comes from foreign funding and since the present Narendra Modi government has clamped down on NGOs and organisations through which they are funded, they are attacking the government,” Dr Kumar said.

According to him, though these “tukde-tukde” gang claims to work for Dalits and accuse the government of being anti-Dalit, it is the present government which had done the maximum work for Dalits. “The present government has brought Dalits into the mainstream. So many heroes whose names were forgotten in history have been resurrected by this government. So many roads of JNU have been named in the names of Indian heroes. This did not happen before,” he said.

He alleged that certain professors of the Jawaharlal Nehru University were conducting researches in their private capacities, earning huge sums of money, but were using the facilities provided by the government. “They do not give back anything to the government. They are misusing the facilities provided to them. Now, this government is taking steps to stop this, which has angered the Left-leaning professors who used to have a monopoly here,” he said.

“Earlier, only those students who subscribed to the Leftist ideology were able to live on this campus. All others were harassed. Now this is changing and more and more students who support the right, national thinking are becoming vocal,” Kumar said.

Replies to “JNU becoming a hotbed of anti-India forces, says Dalit teacher”

  1. Hahaha. Naming streets in name of people is recognition. or recognizing people for sake of publicity is upliftment of Dalits. Who is this guy fooling?
    And him being Dalit does not give him authority totalk about whole Dalit community just like BJP has no right to talk about other Hindu’s and hijack a community or religion.

  2. Thank you very much Dr Kumar for gathering sufficient courage to bring out the truth in JNU amidst the increasing threats of mushrooming “Tukde Tukde” gang who use to gag the mouth of such intellectuals/ students who welcome the views of all the stream of thoughts, who are nationalists/ patriotic and do not compromise on the unity and integrity of “Bharat that is India”. The thoughts of ” Tukde Tukde” gang are devoid of the rich cultural heritage of India, devoid the views of the great thinkers like Chanakya, Vivekanand, Dr S. Radhakrishnan, Rabindra Nath Tagore to name a few, and thrive on exported thinkers such as Marx, Lenin, and on outside funds. There is no problem in reading, discussing and quoting foreign intellectuals but one should also be rooted in one’s own culture and aware of the views of Indian Thinkers also, and feel proud in discussing about Indian School of thought, Indianness and Indian culture. I had been the student of JNU in the early eighties of the last century and at that time also there was a strong lobby of students and teachers who advocated the tainted thought based on left ideology and used to vehemently bulldoze and bully such students and teachers who had a different view. It has become a fashion for “pseudo intellectuals” stuffed with “exported thoughts” to brand nationalists, pro-India people as the agent of RSS (which is without doubt a nationalist organization) I will love to be branded as such and continue to lobby with people like Dr Parvesh Kumar for raising my voice against ” Tukde Tukde” gang, hell bent upon breaking our country – Bharat that is India. ‘जिसको न निज गौरव तथा निज देश का अभिमान है, वह नर नहीं नर पशु निरा और मृतक समान है’। ‘जो भरा नहीं भावों से बहती जिसमें रसधार नहीं, वह हृदय नहीं है वह पत्थर है, जिसमेें स्वदेश का प्यार नहीं’।

  3. The JNU is infested and needs a strong dose of pesticide to destroy the people whose idea of freedom of expression is their right to stop people who think different from speaking and threatening and actually killing them.

    JNU is a Hades on earth and the sooner it is exterminated the better.

  4. Mr.Sinha,member of leftist gang at JNU,advocate of freedom of expression is feeling ashamed of his colleague for expressing his opinion about what is going on JNU. How can you Mr Sinha behave like an intolerant liberal.Every one know about the presence of anti India goons at JNU.We agree JNU’s contribution to the nation building.Who were those big personalities ?At least not the like of Kanihya,Shela Rashid, Omar khalid and many more.Why are these goons overstaying in JNU? There are several alleged cases of rapes by anti social elements staying at JNU.Have you forgotten Tukda Tukda gang led by Khalid,Sheila and Kanihya who openly chanted anti India slogan.I am sure Mr Sinha you too must have participated in that gang of anti national.

  5. I am JNU Alumni and agree with the views expressed by Dr Pravesh Kumar. I am taking you all back to the early eighties of the last century. I joined JNU with enthusiasm that students and teachers here would be broad minded , discuss any issue in totality untainted by any particular stream of thought, welcome the views/opinions of others but this was not to be. Within a span of six months I got myself dissociated with such pseudo intellectuals whose thoughts have been exported from outside and cannot think beyond Marx, Lenin, completing getting uprooted from Indian School of Thought. What kind of education system is this where Indian Thinkers, Indian Philosophers, Indian Intellectuals are ignored or deliberately brushed aside ? Convent educated students and teachers coming from affluent background discussing poverty on a cup of tea or on a sip of alcohol and posing themselves to be great intellectuals. Speaking good fluent English , quoting Marx, Lenin was passport to becoming a great intellectual. But fortunately at that time “tukde tukde ” intellectuals were few and far between but I am shocked to see such intellectuals now mushrooming and vitiating the atmosphere of the campus.“जिसको न निज गौरव तथा निज देश का अभिमान है वह नर नहीं, नर पशु निरा है, और मृतक समान है”I

  6. The opnion of the professor is absolutely correct,which is a true reflection of the state of affairs at JNU.In the name of social justice they are looting the govt and sucking the NGOs to their selfish ends in violation of the principles of social justice and dalit empowerement,under that grab they are playing in the hands of congress and other anti nationals.

  7. Good to see the JNU bubble broken and the truth finally being told about what goes on in this secretive, politically charged institution. It’s a hotbed and breeding ground for young political thugs who, despite being admitted with government subsidies as PG students, have all the time in the world for morchas and marches and wasteful ‘political’ hooliganism. Take the funding away and see if these wastrels are going to pay competitive student fees to come and study how to protest the government with strikes and placards. No education, only posturing and goondagiri here. Especially after Kanhaiya Kumar, these so-called students now know that all they need to do is go to JNU and create some kind of ruckus and get media attention to be picked up by Leftist parties for life. This is the JNU campus placement program! Shame.

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