Priyanka Gandhi’s ‘Jimmedar Kaun’ campaign comes a cropper.


New Delhi: Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath has stolen a march on his party colleagues in terms of strategy to target the Narendra Modi government over the corona crisis. Congress interim chief Sonia Gandhi, AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, and former Congress boss Rahul Gandhi are all also attacking the Modi government. But Kamal Nath is more in the headlines than the Gandhis.

Priyanka Vadra’s campaign has raised many an eyebrow, just because of the fact that she is targeting PM Modi more than UP CM Yogi Adityanath. Anyway, Kamal Nath, like his friend Digvijaya Singh, is hitting the headlines for his statements against the Modi government. However, many still doubt the friendship between Digvijaya and Nath. Meanwhile, Nath has enraged state and central BJP leaders due to his remarks critical of the government. What is believed is that Nath derived political benefits from all this. Politics in MP has also heated up following Nath’s massive attack on the Modi government.

But Priyanka Vadra’s campaign could set  tongues wagging. In fact, Priyanka Vadra has run a campaign “Jimmedar Kaun” (who’s responsible) for the last one week, in which she is targeting PM Modi over corona crisis handling. What is surprising is that she is not attacking CM Yogi that much, while she is in charge of UP. As part of her campaign, Priyanka Vadra is questioning PM Modi’s “mismanagement” of the corona crisis and vaccination. Whether her campaign will create any impact in UP elections is doubtful. Priyanka Vadra launched this campaign at a time when Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are equally attacking PM Modi.

In addition to this, Congress CMs are also not sparing the Modi government over corona. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Bhupesh Baghel and Captain Amarinder Singh are using every opportunity to corner the Central government. Punjab CM Amarinder Singh is also at the same time facing dissenters such as Navjot Singh Sidhu. However, Amarinder Singh will have his own way. Congress high command has sent Harish Singh Rawat to Uttarakhand to broker peace between warring groups of the party. Rawat is himself pushing his agenda of being projected CM face. So a solution is not in sight there.

In the meantime, Kamal Nath is under the spotlight due to his snide remarks against the Modi government. BJP had to launch a counter attack on Nath separately. Nath is more talked about following cases being registered against him for the “India virus” statement that he made. Sensing the political advantage, Nath made another remark “Bharat Mahan Nahi, Badnam Hai”. After this, BJP shifted its focus on Nath, attacking him vociferously.

Nath is said to be engaged in the preparation for 2023 polls of MP, which will go to polls after UP and Gujarat. Congress is seeing political opportunity even as people look to be angry against the dispensation. Rahul Gandhi’s strategy in the last seven years has been to target PM Modi, but Congress could not be benefited by all this, with several electoral defeats coming to it.  With crucial UP polls just eight months away, the Congress seems to be sitting idle, with the principal opposition party unable to make any big issue against the Yogi government. What is indicated is that Congress will continue to target PM Modi over corona in UP polls. However, many believe Congress’ corona strategy may come a cropper in the elections.