‘DDA officials are not aware of the construction status and no dates are confirmed’.


New Delhi: Several officials in the DDA have stated that the residents of Anand Parbat, Kathputli colony, may have to wait longer than expected. Amid several media reports, DDA officials have clearly said that the residents will not get their promised flats in the next month and the allotment of the flats will take more time. However, the officials of Raheja didn’t disclose any details on this, but have stated that the relocation may delay further as some constructions and paperwork are still underway.
To understand the ground scenario, The Sunday Guardian went to speak to DDA officials and found out that the officials are not aware of the construction status and no dates are confirmed. The officials claimed that Raheja didn’t take their consent or consideration while making the announcement. A DDA official, requesting anonymity, told The Sunday Guardian, “The DDA is going to announce when the people are going to get flats. They haven’t considered the announcement. Unless we inspect the site and check whether the flats have been completed or not, we will not allow it. Almost 700 flats are completed, as claimed by them, but they haven’t been handed over to us. We need to check whether these flats have all the facilities or not. We cannot commit any date, months but it will get delayed for sure.”
Similarly, when The Sunday Guardian asked about the final dates, sources close to Raheja told, “The dates are not finalised yet, but most likely they may get the flats within one or months. Everything depends on the approval by the DDA.”
As claimed by Raheja Developers, over 700 flats will be delivered by the next months, The Sunday Guardian wanted to check the status of construction. However, Raheja officials were hesitant to allow the media into the construction site to get a first-hand glimpse of the construction status. This correspondent also went to Raheja officials to seek comments on when the residents will get their flats, to which an official on the condition of anonymity told this paper, “We are not aware of anything. We do not know what the MD has told the media; so we cannot give any confirmation. We cannot make any promises; if the MD has stated that the flats would be provided to the residents within a month or so and that he will be held accountable if the residents do not receive the flats. Everything will take time and we don’t think the residents will get their flats within the next two months.”
The Sunday Guardian also requested an official statement from Raheja Developers to clarify the number of flats completed and when the residents will receive their flats. To this, Raheja Developers told this paper, “700 plus EWS units with state-of-the-art quality specifications are ready for handover. The rest of the flats are expected to be handed over by next year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, construction work got affected.”
Currently, 2,800 families have been staying at Anand Parbat, Kathputli colony. The residents have been living within one small room with broken doors and no windows. Although Raheja officials have been claiming to take care of the basic needs, the residents have stated that the officials take months to consider their complaints. This correspondent visited the houses of several residents and found the marks of seepage, broken doors without any windows that leave no room for ventilation during summers or any seasons. The roofs of several houses have been broken and the water pipes are right near the small pits filled with garbage. The residents continue to live in these conditions despite numerous complaints, hoping that they will soon receive their new apartments.