One reason for rising cases could be the reopening of local trains for general public.

Mumbai: There has been a spike in coronavirus number over the last two weeks and Maharashtra has reintroduced some restrictions on the movement of people. The state government has warned that it could even bring back the lockdown if it was felt necessary.
Maharashtra has reported more than 3,000 new cases of coronavirus infections. The new cases in the second week of February were more than the first. In all, 20,207 new cases were detected across the state, compared to 17,672 in the first week of February, a week prior to that the state had reported more than 17,000 cases. One important reason for increasing corona cases could be the reopening of the local trains for the general public in the Mumbai region. Mumbai saw the highest three-month jump in daily cases with over 1,100 Covid-19 infections in the last 24 hours.
With 56 deaths reported during the day, the state’s fatality count went up to 51,993. Maintaining a steady curve, Maharashtra is once again witnessing a surge in Covid-19 positive cases. Mumbai’s Dharavi, which was the hotspot of Covid-19 a few months ago, has once again seen a spike in cases.
The Maharashtra government has declared a lockdown in some districts like Amravati and Yavatmal where the Covid-19 cases have spiked.
The government has been considering reducing locals’ frequency in Mumbai, shutting down cinema halls, and strictly monitoring marriage halls.