New Delhi: Coronavirus was first identified in 1967 in the United Kingdom and then in the United States. That same year the first pseudo-virus was created in a laboratory in the US. Until the SARS pandemic of 2002, no new human coronavirus was discovered. Bats, coronaviruses and wet markets have existed for centuries without even an epidemic. Then suddenly in the past 20 years for the first time in history we have had SARS, MERS and Covid-19 coronavirus pandemics, all blamed on bats without convincing evidence. It is well known that clandestine bio-warfare research has been going on since World War 1. Initially, these efforts focused on historically important pathogens and the influenza virus of the first flu pandemic of 1918. Historically, all pandemics and large epidemics were due to plague, cholera, typhus or smallpox. Bacteria cause the first three of these diseases and all these have been suppressed by better hygiene. Smallpox virus has become extinct thanks to worldwide vaccination. Then suddenly pandemics due to newly discovered HIV virus in 1981, Ebola virus in 2004 and coronaviruses appeared from the wild or at least that is what we were told.

In the past few years, military researchers have been busy collecting viruses from wild animals, especially bats. They have focused their energies on deadly viruses that have existed in wild animals since centuries. From prehistoric times humans have hunted, consumed, poached and used parts of exotic wild animals as in Chinese medicine. Still the first zoonotic virus pandemics were in the past few years. These recent episodes are too many to be just a coincidence. The simultaneous development of genetic engineering technology and search for deadly wild viruses by military researchers cannot be a coincidence either.

Detailed report: Zoonoses blamed for man-made pandemics