NEW DELHI: The final match of Delhi State Youth U-16 Boys Basketball Championship 2022, organised by the Delhi Basketball Association, was won by Modern School against North West District with a score of 58-55. All the prior matches were held from 3 to 13 November this month at Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura.
The tournament had participation of 15 teams out of which 11 were district teams and 4 were school teams, Modern being one of them. Officials of the winning team said that this is the first time district teams were allowed to form teams and participate.
“Each district consisted of the best player of the schools located in the district and moreover, the tournament was of knockout format,” an official said.
The Modern School team won their first match at the quarter final stage against Shahdara district with a score of 46-13. After which the team reached the semi-finals where it again won and scored 44-27 against Air Force Bal Bharti School.
The final match, according to the players of Modern School, was a nail-biting one where the opponents were trying to strangulate the movements of their captain and had almost been successful in levelling the game at each phase of the game. The team’s coach Rajesh Saddam Kumar talking about the final match added, “The game was on tie score even in the last 22 seconds of the match; it was a high-tension match, our boys managed to win the game at the last moment with a score of 58-55. They had collected the top players from every district, but you can only win if you have team coordination and team work.”
The coach further said, “The Modern team has a good coordination among team members and they are good friends with each other which has helped them understand the game better and even in the lounging time, they talk about basketball, how to play, which moves to focus upon.”
The captain and the star player of the team, Yash Gupta, said, “We have had different strategies for different tournaments. For this one, we had a totally different strategy, we practised different moves and re-practised them. In the final match, the opponent team played man-to-man with us and we countered them with one-two-two.”