The Madhya Pradesh Government under the aegis of its able Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan is taking new strides in making the state a hub of providing quality higher education.Today, it is one of the states where students from across the country aspire to have higher education.

There are many educational institutes of national level that have come up in the state facilitated by the government. Particularly in the field of technical and professional education, a big number of students from all over India are coming in.

To sum up the state statistics, there are two central universities, 20 state run universities, around 24 private universities. There are 34 autonomous institutes in different universities in the state. In technical education, there are 310 engineering and architecture institutes. In medical, dental and nursing education, Graduation and post Graduation diploma and degree courses are being offered in 5 government autonomous medical colleges, one dental and one nursing college. At present medical, dental and nursing courses and training are given through three medical colleges, 10 dental colleges, 36 nursing colleges and 20 nursing schools of private sector.


In another first in the country. The Medhavi Vidyarthi Yojana is bound to bring about a positive turnaround for the future of students.

Mukhyamantri Medhavi Vidyarthi Yojana will give a secure future to the youth of Madhya Pradesh

To create success stories and provide promising careers to talented students of Madhya Pradesh, the state government has come up with Mukhyamantri Medhavi Vidyarthi Yojana. As part of the scheme, enrollment fee into higher educational government institutions, of students who have secured 75% and above in 12thExamination conducted by Secondary Education Board of Madhya Pradesh, or 85% and above in CBSE or ICSE Board, will be provided by the state government. Meritorious students from all sections of the society will be eligible for the scheme. On admission in private institutions, the fee will be paid by the government as per the amount fixed by the regulatory commission.

Highlights of the Scheme

  • Only those students whose family income is less than or equal to Rs 6 Lakh/year will be eligible.
  • Students who secure admission in higher educational institutions only through competitive exams will be eligible.
  • The student needs to be a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Fees of only those engineering students will be provided by the government whose rank in JEE has been within 50,000.
  • Students seeking admission in Government Medical Colleges will have to render minimum 2-years of service at a location decided by the former.
  • Students enrolling in Private Medical Colleges will have to sign a bond of Rs 10 Lakh and render service of at least 5 years at a location decided by the government.
  • Students who seek enrollment in National Law Universities through Common Law Admission Test can also apply for the scheme.

This scheme shall cover all types of engineering courses, medical courses and law courses. Also, the integrated post graduation courses from IIM Indore or SPA Bhopal are added to this list.

The scheme is not just limited to the technical courses. If someone is pursuing B.Sc, B.Com, then also the benefits will apply. The scheme also includes courses such as Polytechnic and Nursing.

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