New Delhi: The “Nation with NaMo”—a non-profit organisation which came into existence in 2018 to back Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Lok Sabha poll campaign—now offers Graduate Impact Leadership Programme (GILP).
The organisation says that the programme’s aim is to train India’s top minds and further involve them to assist Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of nation-building, but sources have revealed that the reason behind this exercise may be to draw a roadmap for winning the upcoming polls in Bihar and later in West Bengal.
The advertisement for the Graduate Impact Leadership Programme reads: “When you picture yourself at the beginning of your career, what comes to your mind? A cubicle, a 9-to-5 job, building excel models to structure financial products hustling to launch a product in a new city, pitching your business ideas to the potential investors or being part of a larger software team working on a sub-set of a project, researching on various positions of law and advising clients.”
“However, if the aforementioned is not satisfactory for you, then imagine this—sitting in a village understanding the local issues and political trends, brainstorming with your team, using insights to design an election campaign, discussing the election campaign strategy with political stakeholders, crafting the message that shapes public opinion, getting involved in the grass-root implementation for taking the campaign to the masses, coming up with policy suggestions for election manifestos, crunching data real-time to predict electoral outcomes, observing your work has a real impact on real people by solving real problems and doing all this while supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party in their vision to build a new India. If this sounds appealing to you, if creating real impact is your priority, then we welcome you to the Graduate Impact Leadership Programme (GILP),” the advertisement further reads.
The “Nation with NaMo” primarily operates through the social media platform and has sought application for joining the GILP.
The organization published an advertisement calling graduates and post-graduates to apply for the course.
The mandatory qualification for joining the course is to have a graduate or post-graduate degree from India’s top-ranked higher education institutions, including Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Management (IIM) besides others.
“Every year, lakhs of bright minds graduate from top educational institutes in India, but most of them join the corporate sector. The best minds in our country rarely get an opportunity to tackle the most critical problems facing our nation. GILP aims to bridge this gap and create a forum where young idealistic graduates who are interested in nation-building can collaborate with and contribute to the political ecosystem through direct interactions as a GILP,” the advertisement added.
The “Nation with NaMo” initially was a group of volunteers who supported Prime Minister Modi in his first Lok Sabha polls campaign held in 2014.
Later in 2018, the group turned into a political campaign management organization which helped Modi to design and implement his Lok Sabha campaigns. The website of “Nation with NaMo” claims to have more than 25 lakh associates coming from India’s top universities and institutions.