Many of them are now working in important positions in both government and private sectors.


Many former students of the prestigious National Law Institute University (NLIU), Bhopal, who are now settled across India and other countries, have been asked to report to the university and “explain” the alleged discrepancies in the marks that were typed by the university administration in the mark-sheet. The mark-sheet has been found to be different from the marks that the students really got during the internal exams. According to officials, around 100 students, across batches, have been called to present their case before the university till now and more will be called soon.

Many of these students are now working in important and influential positions in the government and in the private sector. The alumni network of NLIU, among others, boasts of several wards of sitting and retired judges and high profile bureaucrats. Ever since its inception 20 years ago in 1998, close to 100 students graduate every year from the university. The exercise being carried out by the NLIU is a part of the probe that is being done by the university after it was revealed that some students were awarded degrees despite failing in multiple subjects.

As a result, a two-member committee, consisting of additional chief secretary, higher education and principal secretary of law and legislative affairs, MP government, was constituted to probe the allegations in November 2017. The committee had recommended a judicial probe after it found that a university staff was allegedly involved in manipulating the results. The said staff was later suspended.

Justice Abhay Gohil, a former judge of the Madhya Pradesh High court who is doing the inquiry, told this  reporter that inquiry was still going on and is likely to be completed within three months. “The inquiry is still going and we are doing it very seriously as the career of students and the reputation of the university in involved. We are trying to find persons who are responsible for doing these manipulations. The manipulations were done in the mark-sheets, award list and tabulation chart. Right now the number of students whose mark-sheets were manipulated cannot be ascertained as the inquiry is going on. I had done the first inquiry to ascertain whether any staff was responsible in this manipulation. We found that the mark-sheets of 16 students were manipulated. The particular staff has been suspended while the decision regarding the 16 students will be taken shortly. I am doing another inquiry to find out if more students are involved. There are lots of things to look into, as a student has to complete 15 trimesters (5-6 papers in each trimester) in NLIU, so a lot of records need to be scrutinised and it will take at-least two to three months more,” he said.

He denied reports in the media that around 8,000 students of the university have been asked to report to the university registrar and explain the discrepancies in their mark-sheets.

The Sunday Guardian also spoke to two professors at NLIU who said that, as is the practice in other universities, teachers in NLIU too had the prerogative to give a few grace marks to students.

“As per the tradition and norms in other universities, since the inception of NLIU in 1998, the teachers have been giving 2-4 marks as grace marks to save students from trouble, since many were from outside of Madhya Pradesh, that they would have to endure to come to Bhopal during vacations to appear for repeat exams. This cannot be termed as a malpractise. These extra marks (grace marks) were awarded at the time of preparing the mark-sheets and naturally the number on the final mark-sheets and that on the tabulation sheet would be different because of this. This does not constitute irregularity. In very few cases (less than 20 students), it was found that the grace marks were given beyond the norm , and action has been taken,” one of them said.

NLIU registrar Girijabala Singh told this reporter that the inquiry was being conducted to see whether other students were also involved in the falsification of the mark-sheets. “The process is going on. There is a mandate of the Supreme Court that the degrees of the lawyers should be verified. We are verifying the degrees awarded to the students from the very first batch of 1998. If some discrepancy is found in the award list and the tabulation chart, then we are giving opportunities to the students to come forward and explain their case and then only we will place it before the general council to ascertain what kind of decision should be taken,” she said.

“It is clear that some problems existed from the administrative side, which, as soon as it was discovered, was rectified. However, to summon former students, some of whom might have appeared in the exams 14-15 years ago, and ask them to explain the discrepancies in their mark-sheets, is not fair. The mark sheet was prepared by our staff, not the students. Many of the students are now well settled in their respective fields and some of them are holding constitutional and gazetted posts. To assume that every student, many of whom gave multiple repeat exams and then passed, must have indulged in malpractice, is wrong. We have been receiving anxious calls from our former students,” said a senior staff of the university.

Replies to “NLIU probes ex-students”

  1. The Registrar of the University, the faculty and the administrative staff members must be terminated for leaking out information, highly sensitive in nature to the Media and third party. They have made mockery of the University and the Inquiry. They are retaliating against students. It is the fault of the University for not maintaining the records, hiring incompetent staff who did mistakes in recording marks, attendance etc, and the incompetent faculty who failed several students deliberately, so that University can make money out of repeat and re- repeat examinations. The faculty members are highly biased, who passed students with low or average IO/ EQ, while brilliant minds remained as average or below par students.

  2. – The Current inquiry/Investigation ongoing by the University, where the University called about 400 students for verification is punitive, where students were forced to sign documents against their consent and were threatened for their degree to be revoked.
    – The students are being punished for the misconduct by faculty and the Administration.
    – The Registrar , faculty members, and Administrative staff have leaked the information to the third party such as media.
    – The Registrar breached the confidentiality clauses and violated the order of the High Court by giving details with high degree of specificity of students in the Media.
    – To cover up their own irregularities, misconducts and fall out, the Faculty; administrative staff and the Registrar who are highly incompetent invited Media to the Campus and leaked the Information.

  3. * Faculty Members Delibertaly failed several students, out of grudges and vengeance in the Past.

    * Faculty members had their own favourites students, who scored highest marks, in spite of their low IQ and EQ.

    * The Tactics were used to fail students, and collect money from students by forcing them to sit in repeat and re- repeat examinations. They charge 500 INR per subject.

    * The faculty members are incompetent, they themselves are involved in plagiarism. They don’t provide students with model answers, they don’t provide students with study material.

    * Non Law Teachers taught law subjects.

    * The students were failed or scored minimum if they didn’t write from the notes.

    * The Project works were majorly copy and paste.

    *. Teacher having no law degree taught Evidence, Teacher having no degree in International law, taught International law, teacher having no degree in law taught humanitarian law and human rights law.

    * The faculty members who are resided in Bhopal since several years should be terminated because of their incompetence, and the University should be closed or the UGC/Bar council should take a bold step to deregister NLIU from the Law school status.

    * Clearly, the faculty and the administrators are retaliating against the students, for no fault of the students.

    * The Registrar should resign or her services should be terminated with an immediate effect for providing details of Inquiry and leaking sensitive information of Inquiry to the third party, in fact she should be arrested by the police along side a few members of GC, who are leaking information to the media and public.

    * They have vested political, and monetary interest.

  4. 1. What is the Motive of NLIU in indulging and engaging in this very exercise.

    2. What happened to the moot questions raised to the University, during Strike in 2016.

    3. Mr. Gohil I suppose, is doing something, called as Auditing of the System in Place and recommending for corrective measures.

    4. There is a rumour floating, created by some Alumni who have vested Interests, that degree would be revoked of about 400 students. Due to this, the students are living in fear and this inquiry has inflicted psychological impact on them. The University should have arranged for Psychosocial counselling for such students, a lesson to be learnt, from famous Vyapam case, when students committed suicide and some were murdered and bodies were found in mysterious conditions.

  5. To, the Editor Sunday Guardian

    With utmost grief I have to comment, that the writer of the Article doesn’t have Journalism Essence. I fail to understand, If an inquiry is being conducted at the prestigious National Law Institute University, for such a serious and grave context and circumstances. Where about 400 students have been falsely implicated by the University for forgery.
    – The University, Registrar Ms. Giribala Singh, faculty members, Admin staff, including the newly appointed VC, has breached the Hon’ble High Court Order, by giving, information, particulars, with a high degree of specificity and details to a Third Party. Even Mr. Gohil couldn’t keep himself away, or refrain from Media. Ms. Giribala Singh, never hesitate in sharing details of students, with a high degree of specificity with the Media and Third Party.
    The Sunday Guardian, the author of this article, instead of publishing the biased piece of Article, was ought to have contacted students, and would have published their stories.
    Does this author, have some vested Interest, as he is also a former student of NLIU? Did he went to Bhopal to cover up and neutralise his own misconduct? The author of the article should explain.

  6. Dear Writer,

    What kind of Journalism you are doing, you have stated the facts only. You haven’t endeavour to see the truth. Did you went to any Journalism School. Do you have any degree? Did you go and ask any of the Student’s perspective. I think no.

    What kind of Inquiry is happening, when the registrar and the Investigator based the inquiry on hunches and rumours.

    The investigator and the Registrar is giving specific details to the Media, thereby breaching the confidentiality of the Investigation process that forms the bedrock of any investigation.

    The Registrar is making her own CV, whereby she is giving specific details of investigation to third party and media, and seeing her name being published in local newspapers. On the Other hand the Investigator is minting money out from the pockets of state tax payers.

    On the other hand, the Registrar is giving names of students in Newspaper, defaming the student and ignoring presumption of innocence.

    The entire investigation exercise is incriminatory and punitive instead of any administrative finding.

    The registrar and the investigator are not gender sensitive, when they publish names of women students, highlighting specific instances of such students. The Registrar is a good story teller.

    Both Registrar and the investigator have usurped their power conferred to them by the High court.

    They both have maligned the name of the university.

    The council members are also biased and impartial, when some of the council members childten were former students. By doing so, they have shown biasness and assumed innocence on their part.

    Instead the implicated students must unite and question the administration about the motive of the inquiry being held, and refute for inquiry for the wrong committed by the University. This is the result of maladministration and incomptent faculty members.

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