New Delhi: The Sunday Guardian was able to speak to Shah Mohammad Alam @Danish Shah, who as per a Research and Analysis (R&AW) document submitted by the Finance Ministry to the Supreme Court of India, which is hearing the Aircel-Maxis case, is working for the Pakistan spy agency, ISI.

On Wednesday, while sharing his details with the court, some in the Finance Ministry had claimed that Danish Shah was in touch with Rajeshwar Singh, Joint Director, Enforcement Directorate, who is leading the investigation in the case in which former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram is one of the accused.

Shah, who is an Indian national and based in Dubai, in his first ever interview to an Indian media organisation said that he was a normal businessman who had worked as a government employee with Central Bank of Dubai in the past. Excerpts:

Q: R&AW has claimed that you are working for ISI and that you have a Pakistani wife.

A: This is all fake. My wife is a Pakistani. She has been born and brought up in Dubai, her parents are settled in the US. We have no connection with Pakistan or ISI as is being alleged.

I have helped Indian agencies to track down the illegal activities of businessmen and politicians and maybe that’s why these things are being alleged. There are so many Indian politicians who have invested money in Dubaiillegally. The head of RAW in Dubai is close to Manoj Prasad who is related to Subrato Rai and I have provided information against Rai.

Q: Do you know ED Joint director Rajeshwar Singh?

A: Yes

Q: How? 

A: I helped him in the Madhu Koda case because since I was a government employee in the bank of Dubai in the foreign trade wing, I was privy to many things. If I had the information, I would share the same with him regarding who was investing money in Dubai illegally.