New Delhi: The Sunday Guardian was able to speak to Shah Mohammad Alam @Danish Shah, who as per a Research and Analysis (R&AW) document submitted by the Finance Ministry to the Supreme Court of India, which is hearing the Aircel-Maxis case, is working for the Pakistan spy agency, ISI.

On Wednesday, while sharing his details with the court, some in the Finance Ministry had claimed that Danish Shah was in touch with Rajeshwar Singh, Joint Director, Enforcement Directorate, who is leading the investigation in the case in which former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram is one of the accused.

Shah, who is an Indian national and based in Dubai, in his first ever interview to an Indian media organisation said that he was a normal businessman who had worked as a government employee with Central Bank of Dubai in the past. Excerpts:

Q: R&AW has claimed that you are working for ISI and that you have a Pakistani wife.

A: This is all fake. My wife is a Pakistani. She has been born and brought up in Dubai, her parents are settled in the US. We have no connection with Pakistan or ISI as is being alleged.

I have helped Indian agencies to track down the illegal activities of businessmen and politicians and maybe that’s why these things are being alleged. There are so many Indian politicians who have invested money in Dubaiillegally. The head of RAW in Dubai is close to Manoj Prasad who is related to Subrato Rai and I have provided information against Rai.

Q: Do you know ED Joint director Rajeshwar Singh?

A: Yes

Q: How? 

A: I helped him in the Madhu Koda case because since I was a government employee in the bank of Dubai in the foreign trade wing, I was privy to many things. If I had the information, I would share the same with him regarding who was investing money in Dubai illegally.

Replies to “I am not an ISI agent: Danish Shah”

  1. I was a government employee in the bank of Dubai in the foreign trade wing, Does this make any sense, Does GOI have its employees in foriegn banks, or does he mean Govt of Dubai

  2. As long as indian lawenforcing agencies keeps victimise whistle blowers ,the country will remain as one of the most corrupt nations.

  3. The bureaucrats to stoop to any level to safeguard their political bosses to whom they want to be to their salt not to the public who get their monthly salary from tax paid by the public.lf Modi govt is really a crusader against corruption it must whip such bureaucrats along with their Godfathers.l think in this case better to take some takes from Shri Jethmalini sab.

  4. A person & his offspring who amassed Eldorado Globally must be a Super Strategist, who planned to implicate Narendra Modi in Ishrat Jehan case, Army Officer Shrikant Purohit as a Hindu Terrorist, Super Dacoit,Super Fraudester will leave no stone unturned to emerge unscathed.

  5. There is something fishy about our Finance Ministry under FM. This has to be investigated urgently ans settled. otherwise people will loose confidence in Modi’s Govt. They may loos the elections on this one point. WHY the Govt. is not taking action on people in PSB who have made money by discounting old notes for new currency. The asking rate on lost days was 40%.

  6. An interview with only two questions?! Is this for real? If it’s indeed genuine a preface explaining why the interview is so short would add more legitimacy to it.

  7. PGurus reported on “Chidambara Rahasya – Details of huge secret assets & foreign bank accounts of Chidambaram Family”. Everyone seems to know the details except DRI & CBI and the Courts appear to be genuinely blindfolded.

  8. What is the modus operandi of RAW and ISI ? I guess both of them are spy agencies and are working for their respective countries .Neither of them has any connection with terrorism. So how can ISI be a terrorist organisation !
    Mr. Rajeshwar singh (ED) got a call from Dubai 2 years back , containing the important information of money laundering ..and that information which Rajeshwar Singh recieved was immediately forwarded to his cheif and concerned officers. Now the question arises what made RAW hurry to put this old information before SC as a “national threat”, Most important thing is that it was an incoming call and was for the first time ( never before and after ) and was received by an HONEST ED officer ( it could have been any other officer of ED ) . Now anyone can smell the strategy against the ED officer who has been trapped by none other than PC and his corrupt fellow men of MoF.
    Receiving an incoming call can be a ‘National Threat’.
    So Officers, be aware to receive of an incoming Call otherwise SC can ask you to justify it.

  9. SO Raw is also stooge of P.Chidambaram and Karti Chidambaram.The Raw angle is put up by PC only to scuttle the probe and remove Rajeswar Singh.He has succeeded by his collussion with FM FS and many more MODis man

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