A recently taken aerial photograph shows a PoK village where Pak guns are surrounded by houses belonging to civilians.


The Pakistan army has installed 82mm and 120mm mortar guns bang in the middle of villages located along the Line of Control (LoC) in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). In a recently taken aerial photograph exclusively accessed by The Sunday Guardian of one of these villages, these guns are seen surrounded by houses belonging to civilians. This particular village near Kahuta in PoK, is at a distance of around 3 km from the LoC, and faces Poonch on the Indian side of the LoC. The photograph of the site reveals that the mortar guns have been placed in such a manner that if Indian Army retaliates to Pakistani firing coming from these mortar guns, the Kashmiri civilians living in this village will be exposed to Indian shelling, along with the Pakistani army positions. This may also result in severe civilian casualties, thus giving Pakistan the opportunity to publicise these as Indian Army targeting Kashmiris living in PoK. So the Pakistan army is basically using Kashmiris in PoK as human shields. Sources say this is the case in almost all the villages along the LoC in PoK.

A close look at the photograph shows a number of circular structures that are Pakistan army’s 82mm and 120mm mortar guns. The rectangular structures around them are the houses of the Kashmiri population living there.

Speaking about the dirty tricks Pakistan army is resorting to, Commander of the Srinagar-based 15 Corps Lt Gen A.K. Bhatt, who was Director-General of Military Operations (DGMO) earlier, said, “Pakistan army is known for using PoK villages situated in the vicinity of LoC to hide their mortar positions and headquarters.”

Aerial photograph of Pakistan army’s mortar guns in a Kashmiri village in PoK near LoC.

This was reiterated by Lt Gen (Rtd) V.G. Khandare, former Director-General of Defence Intelligence Agency, who said, “Whenever under pressure from Indian Army on the LoC, Pakistan army employs civilians to act as shields while simultaneously targeting and causing casualties to Indian civilians by putting pressure on the Indian side and preventing us from accurate and effective firing.”

While describing a similar story, the former Indian Army Chief, Gen Bikram Singh termed this unscrupulous practice of employing innocent locals as human shields as a perennial modus operandi of the Pakistan army. He explained how Pakistan army deliberately keeps its mortar and guns positions virtually hugging the villages in PoK. “They have repeatedly exploited and undermined the human rights of the innocent locals and soldiers from PoK. During the Kargil conflict also they had made the Northern Light Infantry soldiers into cannon fodder and disowned them.” As a Colonel, when Gen Singh was commanding a battalion at Tangdhar on the LoC in the early 1990s, the Pakistan army, which knew about the movement timings of the UN vehicles on the Nausheri-Jura road in the PoK, “would open fire on our posts a couple of minutes before their arrival to provoke retaliation from us. Our retaliatory fire would then be projected to the UN personnel as unprovoked and even as a blatant disregard for their safety.” By the time the UN teams would reach the spot, they would see only the Indians firing and not the Pakistanis. This would create an impression in the UN officials’ minds that the Indian Army was targeting civilians in PoK.


In the last few months, in different international forums, Pakistan has been accusing India of human rights violations in Kashmir, when the truth, as this photograph reveals, it is for the Pakistani army that Kashmiri lives come cheap in their ploy to defame India.

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  1. They ought to be dealt with spontaneousiy cracking down on the ruthless Pakis with the ratio of ONE x SEVEN -if they burn one of our village we must RUTHLESSLY BASHON burning of SEVEN paki villages.

  2. Fortunately, the world has started understanding the inhumane tactics of the Pak forces. Very soon they are going to be isolated from all corners of the world. Financially too that country is bound to be doomed, shortly. What malicious acts they have sown earlier, is going to pay back, in abundance, very soon.

  3. Yes it’s true. We witnessed all these activities which is contacted by Pakistani army. When they lunch terrorist/ jihadi group to the J&K under Indian administration, stop over along lOC, forcibly stayed in the locals houses and if any local resist or show any anger he will be penalised by army, FIU and ISI that is why more then hundreds are illegally detained and their where snouts is still unknown. The poor section of the society inAJK forced to join jihad and if any body dared to refuse his dead body received around his house after three or four days illegal detaintion. Pok people mercilessly facing pakistan’s Theo facisism m.

  4. Yet the shameless Kashmiris because of being of the same Muslim race lick Pakistani Army for their unfaithful thankless war against India and Indian Army.
    Indian Army and Indian Govt should stop providing assistance to Kashmiris who have never added any value to India’s economy and have only been draining and been a burden to India. Time to throw these unfaithful Kashmiris out of India

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