Indian intelligence agents infiltrated the Pak-sponsored groups a week ago, to get the full plan and visual proof of how these groups were planning to create trouble at the Houston event.



New Delhi: India’s security agencies have found that the protesters who are planning to sabotage Sunday’s Howdy, Modi! event in Houston, Texas have direct links with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and his political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The 50,000-strong gathering of Indian Americans at the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas, will be addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump.

A week ago, Indian intelligence agents infiltrated these groups to get the full plan and visual proof of how these people were planning to create trouble at the Howdy, Modi! event.

The Sunday Guardian has accessed the file submitted by intelligence agencies to relevant authorities.

These files have clinching evidence of Pakistan’s and specifically Imran Khan’s direct association with these groups planning to sabotage the event on Sunday, 22 September 2019.

The top secret files contain the following information and photographs:

  1. Photographs of a group, largely comprising burqa-clad women, being trained on how to carry out the protests. These photographs also have placards and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) flags that will be used for the protests. Outside photographs of the venue where these sessions were held, which appears like a mosque, are also there in the file.

    Photographs of a group, largely comprising burqa-clad women, being trained on how to carry out the protests.
  2. A Facebook profile of one of the main organisers, “Fayaz Khalil Official”, who claims to be a founding member of Imran Khan’s political party, PTI. He is from Peshawar and is seen with Imran Khan in multiple photographs over at least a span of ten years. One of his Facebook posts states, “Many deluxe coach buses has (sic) been arranged to take protestors to NRG Stadium on Sunday, September 22, 2019, starting at 8 am and returning from 2 pm… The schedule and departure locations are listed below.”
  3. A map of the stadium and its surrounding areas, with specific markers on where the protesters will be stationed.

    A map of the stadium with specific markers on where the protesters will be stationed.
  4. Photographs of cartons full of anti-Modi protest material, where Hitler’s face has been superimposed on the face of the Indian Prime Minister.
  5. Photographs of Khalistani activists with anti-Modi banners, which prove that Pakistan will use these Khalistani radicals to shore up their numbers. Khalistani radicals are part of Pakistan’s “K2” plan. K1 is Pakistan’s Kashmir project, while K2 is its Khalistan project.
  6. A separate web page with a description of date, time and location of Howdy, Modi! event, asking protesters to register themselves.
  7. Secretly taken photographs of large anti-Modi hoardings.

Agencies have also gathered evidence of fake Facebook and web pages that have been created by Pakistan based individuals, inviting people to donate and register to attend the event. Schedules have been fixed and buses have been chartered to pick up these groups of protesters from designated stops and ferry them to the event venue.

The agencies also warn that Pakistan plans to disrupt the event on a large scale, similar to the violent siege of the Indian High Commission in London on 15 August.

They also say that a protest is being planned by IHF, International Humanitarian Foundation, which is a fake organisation. A genuine organisation by the name of IHF already exists and is called International Humanity Foundation, which has headquarters in Kenya and Indonesia.

Agencies also emphasise that these groups are using multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and creating anti-Howdy, Modi! hashtags.

Sources in government say that India has strategically decided to let the United States intelligence services to be in the forefront of tackling these groups, while continuously monitoring these groups’ activities. Indian agencies believe that US agencies finding the origin of the protests—Pakistan—will work to India’s advantage. The safety of US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Modi and the security of Howdy, Modi! event will compel US agencies to dig deeper into these Pakistan-sponsored groups and Imran Khan’s direct involvement.

Replies to “Pak PM Imran Khan directly involved in plan to disrupt Howdy, Modi!”

  1. Imran Khan is a spineless PM of Pakistan selected by the villain Army General Bajwa. At the behest of Bajwa, Imran diligently carries every dictates from Bajwa. Therefore, the whole plan to disrupt Modi Ji’s meeting at NRG stadium was hatched by Bajwa and being implemented by the Figurehead PM Imran.

  2. US intelligence agency must delve deep into the conspiracy and identify the ppl behind the trouble mongering. They must be deported from US to send a clear message that pro – terror activities will not be tolerated.

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