NEW DELHI: Pakistan has consistently attempted to manipulate European parliamentarians to issue resolutions against India, disrupt global democracy, and silence any criticism of Pakistan itself. Two prominent personalities have been at the job on Pakistan’s behalf. Now-disgraced UK Lord Nazir Ahmed used his influence to allow Pakistani secret services to infiltrate the corridors of Whitehall, and the UK government—a task that is now likely to have been given to Chaudhary Perveiz Iqbal Losar, chairman of the EU-Pak Friendship Federation Europe.

When you read the reports of the European Union’s External Action Service (EEAS) and those of the European Commission, especially the Trade Commission, you cannot help but question the intimacy between the European Union and Pakistani nationals in the United Kingdom, including the now disgraced Nazir Ahmed, who has resigned from the UK’s House of Lords. All have links to one Pakistani organisation and one Pakistani intelligence operative: Chaudhary Perveiz Iqbal Losar, Chairman of the EU-Pak Friendship Federation Europe.

Their mission is to distrust and dismantle democratic rule. Beyond UK Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham, is a web of manipulation and propaganda which has screened both British and Europeans from witnessing the reality of Pakistan’s vicious intention of destroying the rule of law, not just in Europe, but globally, as the operation existing in Europe stretches across the free and democratic world. As Patron-in Chief of the EU Pak Friendship Federation Europe, Ahmed has masterminded with his counterpart, Chaudhary Perveiz Iqbal Losar, the introduction of anarchy into democratic decision making through orchestrated manipulation of politicians across Europe. It is no secret that Ahmed is linked to Pakistan, and receives instruction from the military and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) directly from GHQ Rawalpindi. Ahmed is indoctrinated against India and is a recognised propagator of Khalistan. Yet, whilst Ahmed sat in the House of Lords abusing his privilege and violating women, an even more dangerous agent has been actively making inroads towards the destruction of democratic governance.

Chaudhary Perveiz Iqbal Losar interacts with Pakistan’s leaders, including the Prime Minister, President and ministers and secret services, before flying back to Europe to organise demonstrations and protests and infiltrate the political spheres of Europe with tainted gifts, a photo opportunity and a vote for Pakistan.

Exposing the EU Pak Friendship Federation Europe as an organisation that conducts protests and lobbies against India does not do it justice. This is an organisation which fronts Pakistan’s intrusion into, and control of, UK, European Union and national government decision making institutions. Incomprehensibly, neither the organisation, nor the individual is logged in any Parliament transparency registers, despite mountains of photographic evidence of Losar’s activism and presence in the corridors of power. Furthermore, no evidence of any income streams, nor financial resources exists for the Federation nor for Losar’s “foundation”.

The UK is home to around 1.5 million Pakistanis, many self-identifying as Kashmiri, to the point that in the north of the England, elected Pakistani politicians and community leaders have even called for their own Sharia Parliament. Numerous Pakistani parliamentarians have entered both House of Parliament and House of Lords in a quest to advocate for Pakistan, Sharia law and the decimation of democratic rule. Many of those politicians have never shied away from openly supporting Pakistan and disseminating vast quantities of disinformation regarding Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Only in May this year, the Pakistani asset was mobilised to create turmoil when Kier Stammer, newly appointed leader of the Labour Party, made a statement on Kashmir. “Any constitutional issues in India are a matter for the Indian Parliament, and Kashmir is a bilateral issue for India and Pakistan to resolve peacefully,” stated Stammer, who was then immediately threatened by 50 MPs, apparently all 1.5 million Pakistani voters, and Lord Ahmed. Lord Nazir Ahmed resigned on 17 November ahead of an inquiry not just into serious allegations of sexual harassment, but into corruption, deception and his nefarious activities whilst in political office. Nazir Ahmed, born in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, migrated to the United Kingdom as a child and became the first Muslim member of the House of Lords for life. He has been a critic of the Indian government’s policies, especially on Jammu and Kashmir, now infamous for sexual exploitation. Ahmed is also accused of such exploitation of power, as multiple women have now come forward to accuse him of sexual violation. Ahmed has been a vocal critic of India and of democracy and democratic practices. He has used his influence and power to allow the Pakistani secret services to infiltrate the corridors of Whitehall, and the UK government.

Now disgraced, Nazir Ahmed is a risk and the Pakistani secret service must quickly dissociate itself from him. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s foot soldier politicians will be encouraging the UK government not to open an investigation for fear of the immense damage the acknowledgment of Pakistan’s interference into UK politics will do to an already struggling government.

Any investigation into Lord Ahmed is likely to reveal that his lavish lifestyle came from benefits received for his extensive lobbying activities against India and for Pakistan. Pakistan cannot afford to lose this influence and so a new despot “Lord” must be found—a task likely to have been given to Chaudhary Perveiz Iqbal Losar.

Reviewing the connections of Losar beyond Lord Ahmed, a whole host of acquaintances are revealed which explains the mirroring of UK-Pakistan animations to disrupt democracy and promote Pakistan, in Brussels, home of the European Parliament.

Beginning with the former Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) with Pakistani origin, Amjad Bashir, Benyamin Habib, Sajjad Karim, Bashir Khanbhai, Wajid Khan, Nosheena Mobarik, Baroness Mobarik and Shaffaq Mohammed, almost all have been found to have links with Ahmed and Losar. Analysis shows that specifically Shaffaq Mohammed, Wajid Khan and Amjad Bashir were on a mission to promote Pakistan’s propaganda regarding Kashmir.

Baroness Nosheena Mobarik took a delegation of European Parliamentarians to Pakistan to meet high officials and politicians and received Pakistan’s civilian award Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 2012. Dr Sajjad Haider Karim was awarded Pakistan’s Sitara-e Quaid-e-Azam in 2014 by the government of Pakistan for his effective role in ensuring Pakistan was granted the Generalized System of Preferences Plus (GSP+), a trade benefit which has been worth billions to Pakistan. Wajid Khan was awarded the Sitara-e Quaid-e-Azam in March 2019, in recognition of his effective role in the European Parliament particularly for raising issues pertinent to interests of Pakistan, including Kashmir. Wajid Khan was known to be determined and aggressive on Kashmir, against India during his term in Parliament. Amjad Bashir was exposed in 2018 for European Parliament expenses’ misuse including using EU funds to pay for a Pakistan Kashmir charity dinner. Bashir heavily promoted Muslims and Pakistan in this political role. He attempted to go to India whilst an MEP as part of a EU Trade Delegation, but was denied visa by the Indian government. These UK MEPs went on to recruit other non-Pakistani UK MEPs to endorse and conceal Pakistan’s atrocities. By befriending them, using propaganda and introductions to Losar, Pakistan was able to influence policy inside European Parliament, proclaiming unsubstantiated falsehoods regarding Kashmir. With the advent of a new Parliament term, in May 2019, and anticipations around Brexit, by 2019, the Pakistani ambassador in Brussels and Losar were actively recruiting MEPs to have an assurance of their support. Whilst the ambassador does not require registration, neither Iqbal, nor his organisation, is registered on the transparency register of the European Parliament and there are no records of his meetings with MEPs.

Pakistan has sought to distract European politicians on its inclusion on the grey list of the FATF, its support for extremist and violent terrorist organisations and evidence regarding its complicity in state sponsored terrorism. Pakistan has succeeded in this objective by manipulating European parliamentarians to issue resolutions against India, and to silevnce any criticism of Pakistan. Additionally, within both the trade (INTA) and human rights (DROI) committees, Pakistan used its strategically placed MEPs to disseminate propaganda and vote against any action to question Pakistan’s GSP+ failings. Through the control of the UK MEPs, Pakistan was able to continue its lobbying inside the Parliament promoting and hosting the renowned ISI backed Friends of Kashmir Group, allowing Pakistan activists and Kashmiri militants to enter the European Parliament without supervision, signed in only by an assistant to guide them to the meeting room. In light of the shocking revelation that it was a Pakistani extremist who attacked journalists in Paris in September 2020, this must be a disturbing revelation for Members of the European Parliament.

In August 2019, ten UK MEPs, in the middle of their summer holiday, each found time to sign a letter against India’s abrogation of Article 360. The letter was initiated by Kashmir born MEP Shaffaq Mohammed, operational pawn of Losar. The Liberal MEPs, appointed only in May that year, wrote to the foreign affairs head of the EU (EEAS), on Kashmir and against India—MEPs Shaffaq Mohammed, Phil Bennion, Judith Bunting, Chris Davies, Anthony Hook, Martin Horwood,

Lucy Nethsinga, and Sheila Richie, led by MEP Irina Von Wiese, vice-chair of the subcommittee on human rights, all co-signed the letter. Shaffaq Mohammed, a native of Mirpur, was also the parliamentarian behind the draft resolution against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). It was rejected by the European Parliament days ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU, with the majority of MEPs in the debate stating that India as a sovereign nation had a right to deal with its own internal matters as it considered best. Mohammed was particularly aggressive and threatening during the debate towards those MEPs supporting India’s right to self-determination, and towards the European Commission which expressed that it was an Indian Constitutional matter. It was seen by many as an exposure of his obvious payments from Pakistan and a desperate attempt to please his masters. The resolution was a last-ditch attempt by Pakistan to hit India before its entourage of infiltrators into EU politics was removed by the process of Brexit. With Brexit on the horizon, Pakistan’s influence was expected to wane. However, before leaving, Wajid Khan and Losar recruited MEP Fabio Massimo Castaldo to take over the role of influencing EU policy on Pakistan—and Castaldo grabbed the opportunity with both hands, having a paid trip to Pakistan to visit POK. An article of 31 December 2019, which appears in Newsweek, promoted how Pakistan would forge new associations in the European Parliament in Brussels following Brexit. Their supporter in the EU legislative institution was to be Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Fabio Massimo Castaldo, replacing the UK MEPs, Phil Bennion, Chris Davies and others, forced to leave their role as parliamentarians as the UK exited the European Union on 31 January 2020. The politically non-aligned Italian MEP Castaldo, was invited by Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, Member of the Senate of Pakistan and Governor of the Punjab, for a meeting at the Governor’s House in Lahore. Losar was waiting to greet Castaldo at the airport. Castaldo was accompanied by Wajid Khan. It was at that meeting that Castaldo promised to support Pakistan and secure a three-year extension of the trade preference scheme GSP+. Governor Sarwar described Castaldo as “a true democrat, champion of human rights and a friend of Pakistan”.

Losar with Imran Khan

By June 2020, Castaldo was working for Pakistan, tweeting: “I have sent a letter to U. Von der Leyen and the High representative J. Borrell. The human rights situation in Kashmir is extremely worrying. India’s government has to respond now and adopt the recommendations of the UNHCR report 2018-2019.” The second part of the tweet highlights a special thank you: “A special thanks to the Chairman EU-Pak Friendship Federation Europe Pervaiz Iqbal Losar.”

Each time Losar secures a new target, he publishes clear communications which inform his handlers of his work. Losar’s list of victims is a photographic gallery of his felonious associations in the corridors of power of Europe which ranges from former President of the European Parliament, Italian Antonio Tajani, to the current President, also Italian, David Sassoli, and from the former Chair of the Human Rights Committee, Italian Antonio Panzeri, to the current Chair, Belgium, Maria Arena. Irish MEP Mairead McGuinness, former Parliament Vice President is now an EU Commissioner; and former MEP Miriam Dalli is now in the Maltese Parliament; whilst former MEP Petra de Sutter is now Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister.

The Sunday Guardian has pictures that represent a clear link between Pakistan, its secret service and its goal to disrupt global democracy. It is only when Losar’s pictures of his meetings in Islamabad, often taken only days before his meetings with politicians, are put alongside his pictures with politicians and his protest activities, that the undeniable and dangerous link to his true intentions becomes obvious.