Prime Minister Narendra Modi has personally asked External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar not to miss the much-needed opportunity to expose Pakistan state actors’ hand in terror acts against India.


New Delhi: With Pakistan Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhury officially acknowledging his country’s role in the Pulwama terror attack of February 14, 2019, India has got a much-needed opportunity to establish that “state actors in Islamabad” are harbouring and sponsoring terror organisations operating from its soil. As Fawad gave credit to PM Imran Khan for this dastardly terror attack in Pulwama, India got much stronger ground to prove that “state actors including top leadership” in Pakistan are patronizing terrorists there.

Now, Indian diplomats, who are already making all out efforts to expose Pakistan on terrorism on all global forums, have been asked to be “hyper active” to drive home the message that PM Imran Khan’s close aide’s Pulwama terror attack admission is a proof of the fact that “state actors” of Pakistan are actually behind terror organisations which have been carrying out violent activities in India. This is what India has been trying to prove for several years now on all world forums including the United Nations, FATF and elsewhere.

Sources told The Sunday Guardian that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is keen that MEA takes this issue forward in a more convincing and aggressive manner so that a solid message on Pakistan’s terror link could be sent across the global community. That diplomats should not miss this opportunity to expose Pakistan’s state actors being hand in glove with terrorists is a message of the PM.

PM Modi on Saturday even said: “Truth behind last year’s Pulwama attack has been revealed after the confession of a Pakistani minister in Parliament.” He said so while addressing the nation from the Statue of Unity in Gujarat. He hinted how serious he is to use Fawad’s statement in exposing Pakistan.

According to a high-level source, PM Modi told External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar that MEA should now ensure that this opportunity does not go waste in any manner. “Pakistan’s minister has given India a handle against it to prove Islamabad to be  a safe haven for terror organisations,” an official told TSG. “That acknowledgement of Pak’s Pulwama terror connection has come from someone who is a close aide of Imran Khan is a much-needed and an apt opportunity for New Delhi to  establish that state actors have been behind all terror activities from Pakistan’s soil against India including the horrifying Mumbai attacks of 26/11,” said the official.