Poor punctuality of trains in most regions of the country, with several mail and express trains running late by over 12 hours despite there being no fog, is causing massive inconvenience to passengers, leaving them stranded, angry and

Earlier this week, trains like Saharsa-Anand Vihar Jansadharan Express were running late by 42 hours; Seemanchal Express was running late by 36 hours, Jan Nayak Express was behind schedule by 29 hours, Awadh-Assam Express was 16 hours behind
schedule, while Saheed Express and Amarnath Express were running late by 15 and 14 hours respectively.

Even the Humsafar Express, that was launched by the Ministry of Railways in 2016, has been running behind schedule by over six hours in the past two weeks.

Such long delays have caused a lot of anger and resentment among
passengers who had booked their tickets in these trains.

Varun Dhody, who had booked tickets from
Lucknow to Delhi earlier this month in Humsafar Express, was left stranded at Lucknow station for over five hours after which he was forced to book a flight ticket at almost double the cost to return to Delhi.

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