Patna: Even as the fear of coronavirus looms large and seems to have changed the lifestyle of people in a big way and there seems to be an overwhelming sense of fear about the disease, residents of Patna are increasingly taking to ionized alkaline water to boost their immunity and guard themselves against Covid- 19.

Purnima Singh, a housewife, spent days in research before ordering a machine that gives out ionized alkaline water and replaced her RO for what she says, “health of the family”.

She has said complete no to bottled water or RO water and ensures her family is kept hydrated with ionized alkaline water. “I have been using ionized alkaline water with PH value of 9.5 which is similar to the water in Gangotri, for over a month now and have seen perceptible change in the health of my family. My husband is more active through the day. The problem of acidity has vanished and my doctors say the water is good for health and that it boosts immunity.”

Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg, winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize in Physiology who discovered the cause of cancer, had said, “Cancer grows in oxygen deprived acidic tissues and disease cannot thrive in an alkaline body.”

Experts indicate that the PH of normal tap water is 7, while that of RO is between 5 to 6 which is acidic. Besides RO water is demineralised water and once it enters the body, it slowly robs the body of essential minerals, thereby making the body vulnerable to several diseases.

Robert G. Wright, director and founder of the American Anti Cancer Institute in his book “Killing Cancer, Not People” has said distilled or RO water is “acidic with all or most of the nutrients (minerals) removed. Sure it’s pure, but at what cost? Water without minerals will scavenge them from your bones and everywhere else in your body as it moves through you. The reason is not far to seek. Water has an inherent need for minerals and if it doesn’t have them, it will go find them and take them from our body.”

The book also briefly mentions the vast research by Dr Henri Coanda and Dr Patrick Flanagan who conducted extensive research on Hunza tribe people who have one of the longest life spans in the world, routinely living up to 120 years. The research states that the Hunzas have nutrient rich diet that is devoid of all processed food, but the key to their good health and immunity also lies in the pristine glacial water which they drink. Both Dr Coanda and Dr Flanagan discovered that this “glacial water had a very high natural mineral content, a high alkaline PH and a load of active hydrogen with negative oxidation reduction potential.”

Parul Singh from Patna, too, has dumped her RO and started using ionized alkaline water now for the health of her family.

She proudly proclaims that the health benefits are perceptible and she is under the impression that this water will eventually boost the immunity of her family.

Talking to The Sunday Guardian she said, “All of us know the health benefits of green tea. It has negative oxidation reduction potential. I tested it myself through ORP meter and finally got for myself a water ionozer device that gives me ionized alkaline water and has very high negative oxidation reduction potential.” Her husband Kaushal Singh added that he had irregular bowel movements and it has vanished after about two months’ use of ionized alkaline water.

Abhiskeh Anup feels energized through the day and does not forget to carry his ionized alkaline water whenever he goes out. “My water has very high antioxidant properties. I know it boosts my immunity and slows the degeneration of my body cells. My body is 70% water so I needed to be very careful about what I drink. If I cram my body with demineralised water, I will be robbed of essential minerals in my body and my immunity will suffer. But ionized alkaline water is full of minerals, so I know it boosts my immunity.”

Dr Alok Kumar, director of Jagdish hospital in Patna, talking to The Sunday Guardian, said, “I have been using this water for the last three months and my stomach  problems have vanished. I feel more energised.  I am no longer taking medicines for my uric acid problem.”