New Delhi: Given the success in the Bihar Assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi now seems to be seeing the BJP chief J.P. Nadda as a worthy successor of Amit Shah. This is the inference being drawn from what PM Modi said in appreciation of Nadda during the celebratory function after the Bihar victory.

What is being said is that PM Modi has got another Shah in BJP president Nadda who has a good political understanding and wisdom like the former party chief. The Bihar polls were the real test for Nadda to prove himself, and he succeeded. BJP’s victory in Bihar was beyond the guess of political experts.

There is no denying that the Bihar results have changed the political dynamics of the country once again. The Bihar outcome trashed all the misconceptions like “Modi’s charisma losing its sheen, public anger due to unemployment, inflation, corona handling, etc.”

Those who are levelling allegations of counting malpractice at some centres are unable to see how there was a hard-working PM Modi on one side, and part-time politicians, on the other. Moreover, the BJP strategists analysed every single seat and did not show any leniency till the last moment, which led to the saffron party’s victory. It goes without saying that the BJP takes every single election as a challenge and spares no effort to sail through it. The other quality that the BJP organisation has is that it starts preparing for the next polls soon after the results.

The RSS workers know well how to publicise the government’s policies. They remain engaged in such activities all the time. The role of the BJP chief is quite important in all this. After being appointed BJP chief, Amit Shah had performed quite effectively in that direction. After he was made a minister in the Modi government, a question was raised whether his successor will be effective the same way. Undoubtedly, the Modi-Shah duo changed the politics of the country extensively. So after Shah’s induction in the Cabinet, it was asked whether PM Modi will get an apt replacement in the party organisation.

Then came Nadda, who took over the charge of the BJP in January 2020. Before he became BJP president, the party had lost states like Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Maharashtra. So, Bihar was the first electoral test under his leadership. Now, BJP under Nadda’s leadership has to face electoral battles in around half-a-dozen states, including Uttar Pradesh in 2021. In addition to this, elections for President and Vice President will also be held. Bihar results, therefore, augur well for Nadda and his party BJP. PM Modi has expressed his confidence in Nadda, indicating that his role will be much bigger in future.