‘The Prime Minister is being blamed for the crowd in the Kumbh and Bengal campaign’.


New Delhi: Vaccination is the only option to control Corona pandemic in the country. For this to be a reality, leaders of all the political parties should come forward, instead of expecting only PM Narendra Modi to do wonders. Corona is being controlled with the help of vaccination in the US, Britain, Israel, Spain and Italy But there is a politics involved in vaccination in India.

The Opposition is targeting PM Modi. Congress is trying to float a theory that PM Modi did not handle the situation properly. Modi is being blamed for the crowd in the Kumbh and Bengal campaign.

But the big question is whether it is the right time to do this kind of politics.

Former Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje has given some sensible statements. She has stressed the need to follow some policy instead of politics. Raje’s advice was for her own party leaders because they were targeting the Gehlot government in Rajasthan. Even big developed countries were brought on their knees due to the corona pandemic.  But in India, politics on vaccination was seen.

The Opposition had criticized PM Modi when he made some tough decisions to control Corona a year ago. Modi was targeted over lockdown and poos economy.  Later on, Modi’s decisions were appreciated by many. Then corona was quite under control. State governments were allowed to take their own decisions. Bihar polls were completed successfully. Then it looked as if the coronavirus was under control. So, the public became careless. Government continued to go ahead with vaccination work. “Dwai ke saath kadai” message of PM Modi was ignored by the public.

The Opposition raised a question on vaccination. SP leader Akhilesh Yadav said that he won’t take vaccination because it is for the BJP. He instilled a sense of doubt among the minority. As a result, the government’s program was not taken seriously. Message was given that everything will be on track after some time. All the political parties welcomed the elections in five states. Everything went peacefully in Puducherry, Kerala, Assam and Tamil Nadu.

Kumbh was curtailed in view of corona pandemic. Only a few lakh people assembled instead of crores even the PM was blamed for whatever gathering was there in the Kumbh. Even before Kumbh, the situation was out of control in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. It was said BJP states are hiding data on corona.

Very few people used to visit government hospitals for vaccination in Delhi. States took vaccination lightly. PM Modi was seen pushing vaccination alone. His ministers, MPs, CMs used to viral their own pictures of vaccination. Nobody is coming up with suggestions about how to deal with the coronavirus.