A recuperating Arun Jaitley has been advised bed rest till the end of July.


The possibility of another round of reshuffle of the Narendra Modi Cabinet in the immediate future has subsided considerably. Sources said that the exercise has now been postponed to the latter part of August.

According to highly placed sources, a recuperating Arun Jaitley has strictly been advised bed rest till the end of July, by the medicos, post operation. So, his non-availability for resuming as Finance Minister before August is said to be one of the main reasons behind the delay.

Moreover, sources said that Shah’s persistent efforts to cement ties with NDA partners like Shiv Sena and Janata Dal United by doling out ministerial berths to them is not working out well, nor has he been able to win over new friends to expand the alliance.

Recent developments like reverses in Karnataka, debacles in the byelections and widespread resentment in the country over high petro prices seem to have blunted the otherwise upbeat mood of the party rank and file.

Some suggest that with too many jobs in hand and not much time left, Prime Minister Modi may not even go for a reshuffle in his first term. That will also give party national president Amit Shah ample time for organisational work and to prepare for the Assembly elections in four states later this year.

Shah is going to take up major organisational changes in  some states like Rajasthan, Delhi, Odisha, etc. Though the leadership change went smoothly in Madhya Pradesh, same is not the case with Rajasthan and Delhi units.

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