New Delhi: Millennials, also known as Gen Y, have witnessed the transition from the pre-tech to the post-tech eras; Gen Z, on the other hand, was born into the technological era in which computers and laptops are widely available to almost everyone. The pandemic has caused a significant shift in the employment market; the hybrid culture of education and job, which was once the dream of every millennial, is now in place across all sectors of the working population and of higher education. Although it took some time for the world as a whole to adapt to this greatest change, it is now obvious that this has indeed happened.
However, despite the challenges that every generation has faced, the secret to success has always been hard work. A 17-year-old Delhiite, Prarthna Batra, has finished high school and is now entering a new stage of her life. Launching her debut book, “Getting the Bread: The Gen-Z Way to Success”, the young author Prarthna said, “This is my first book and I feel grateful for the love and support that it has received. It has also inspired me to think of my next book which I want to be a deep dive into the GenZ mindset. This being my first book, it taught me a lot and I hope I have been able to communicate my learning and experience through the exercise. It also busts the myths that young people do not write and read.”
The book decodes some insightful information on what success is and encourages readers to meet challenges in order to be successful. The young author gained some important insights from influential figures in various fields while interacting with several well-known people, including athletes, media figures, and others. Her book clearly acknowledges, “However, no mantra, like no success, is ultimate and nor can one person’s mantra work for someone else.”
She makes the point that success itself is not as important as the path to success. The young author has also discussed failure, a topic that most people frequently deal with and is inevitable on the path to success. However, the book emphasises that life goes on and that failure is something that must be learned while juggling short-term targets with long-term ambitions. She also made a significant difference between the two (short-term goal and long-term aspiration) by stating that short-term goals such as money, fancy cars and so on are followed deep down by long-term goals such as independence and freedom.
The book launch was attended by several eminent personalities. Young Prarthna is a voracious reader and a public speaker and has given speeches at numerous significant public gatherings, including the 2019 Women’s Economic Forum, where she was among the three youngest speakers. She is also a co-founder Lajja Diaries, an online forum dedicated to promoting gender equality in discussions about feminism and women’s rights in India.
A well-known Olympic medalist and wrestler, Sakshi Malik, praised Prarthna’s debut book. She said, “Writing a book at the age of 17 shows the immense talent that Prarthna has. It also reflects her dedication and hard work, which are the two most valued qualities in my opinion. The Gen-Z Way to Success is a well-written book that will serve as a source of inspiration to young readers, and we need more youngsters like her to tell the story of their generation.”